Virtual 5k round-up

Virtual 5k round-up

Hi everyone

A big thank you to everyone who took part in our virtual 5k challenge last week and a special thanks to Tim Palmer for organising the event and collating all the results. We had a good number of people taking on the distance and some great times to boot! It’s very tough running a 5k on your own at race pace and takes a lot of mental toughness to do it so big kudos to you all.

The results were based on the highest age-graded time calculated on the world master athletics factors to make it a bit more competitive. The men’s winner was our rising star Chris Larkin, well done on a great time, we hope to see you in a green vest soon 😉 First overall for the ladies was Debbie Read who had a superb run to get the highest age graded score overall, well done Debbie!

Men (top 3)
1. Chris Larkin 17.11 (75.6%)
2. Chris Fitzpatrick 18.51 (74.3%)
3. Colin Thompson 19.06 (72.3%)

Ladies (top 3)
1. Debbie Read 24.10 (78.6%)
2. Carol Shaw 23.12 (78.0%)
3. Laura Baynham Hughes 21.22 (72.4%)

% of best 5k since 1st Jan 2019
1. Chris Lloyd (74.2%)
2. Kathryn Schofield (76.3%)
3. Charlie Ashbrook (93.0%)

The full results can be found at this link:  Virtual 5k results

Phil has sent out a club email for this week’s challenge, if you missed it please let me know and I will forward on the details. My email address is The details can also be found on our facebook page.

Keep on running and stay safe all!

Col T

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