New Felsby Challenge

New Felsby Challenge

Ladies and gents,

I must admit, I was blown away by the creativity in the last Felsby challenge, however, there were some who were at a slight disadvantage as they don’t live near a big hill, so I have tried to redress the balance for those who live near multiple small hills. The idea again is to use your creativity and innovation. Please note that this challenge is not about speed, it can be even be done as a walk. So onto the detail, before then, please be mindful of all current Government guidelines on exercise.

The challenge is to gain as much climb as you can within a 10K distance without using the same summit twice i.e. unlike the last Felsby challenge, you cannot use multiple different routes up to the same summit:

• Run / walk from your front (or back) door, the 10K distance can start and finish at any time during your run / walk

• Run / walk a measured 10K using your watch or phone app, record how much climb you have achieved within that 10K

• Each climb must be to a different summit and the 10K must include running between each climb i.e. the 10K needs to be continuous. For those who are more creative I do mean a different summit, it cannot be a different part of the same summit

• Post or send your route along with the amount of climb

• I will collate the winners by next Monday

• This is about being creative, navigation and learning new routes, so speed is not a factor


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    Today’s the 29th May – the anniversary of the first ascent of Everest (Chomolungma, Sagamatha, etc) in 1953. For a fun challenge a few of us on Facebook carried on tagging our ascents to see if we could collectively beat 29,029′. Ladies and gents we smashed it. Ploughing straight through 1x Everest we continued through for 2x height of the highest mountain on Earth, from sea level. 60,714′ – awesome work everyone!! 2x Everests from sea level with a Coniston Old Man to spare.

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