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parkrun Handicap Series

For 2024, we’re launching our parkrun handicap series. This competition is designed to encourage participation in local free parkruns whilst also encouraging improvement in everyone’s individual running. The rules of the series are simple:

  • Participant’s parkrun Season’s Best times will be taken from the end of the previous year and a standard handicap score is based off best Age-Grading time of 2023.​
  • The competition runs from January – end November 2024 and the parkrun used for your handicap is the one you ran most frequently in 2023. This is to ensure a fair and level playing field.
  • Your best performance at your preferred parkrun for that month is recorded as part of your score.​ For example, if your best AG% for your preferred event is 60%, this is your handicap. If in January you run a time that raises it to 65%, your score will sit at 5. If in February you hit 65% again, your score rises to 10. If in March your best AG% is 58% your score drops to 8, etc.​
  • Idea is to improve your AG % across the year. In December we’ll announce the Men’s and Women’s winner. Prizes will be awarded!​
  • We encourage you to compete in a minimum of 6 parkruns to count. We’ll review this as we measure the success of the series.​
  • A Google sheet is used to help everyone track their progress.​ Drop Mike Fryer or Debbie Read a line to be added to the list.