Helsby Running Club

Four villages course

Course description

The whole course will have road closures throughout its length. It will be fully marshalled and to make the route safer we ask you NOT to wear headphones so that you can obey marshals instructions.

We’ve adjusted the course to take into account the new start HQ. Long standing entrants will recognise some of the changes reverting to previous courses at mile 1 and 10, the left turn around mile 8 on Smithy Lane cuts a corner off the previous course to comfortably fix everything down at the magical 13.1 distance…

Step by step

  1. [new] The course starts in the Helsby Community Sports Club grounds. After the gun you will run along Callender Way – keeping to the left-hand side of the road – and then turn right at the traffic lights, onto the A56, heading towards the motorway.
  2. At the next set of traffic lights – outside the Helsby Arms – you turn left and continue along the A56 towards Chester. This is the beginning of a mile long, but gentle uphill section. [adjustment] Staying on the A56 you skirt round the village of Dunham on the Hill until you reach the Dunham Arms where you leave the main road for country lanes by taking a left turn up Church Lane – a short steep climb – into the village centre.
  3. When you reach the main village road turn right and continue through and out of the village; on leaving take a left turn immediately followed by a second left turn onto Manley Road, which is basically a hairpin. Following the road for about a mile – you’ll be pleased to know it’s flat! Once the road straightens out you take another hairpin turn, but this time to the right onto Morley Lane (and no you can’t take the shortcut!).
  4. Continuing along this flat road until a left turn takes you towards Barrow and Stamford Bridge on the B5312. After about 3/4 of a mile take a left turn onto Long Green; midway along this road is the first of three drinks stations. At the end of Long Green: turn left onto Barnhouse Lane and then right at the end onto the long and meandering Nortons Lane. This will take you past the halfway point on the course.
  5. A left turn at the end of Nortons Lane onto Smithy Lane brings you to the site of the old Mouldsworth Motor Museum and the second water station at the 8.0-mile mark.
  6. There is then a steady uphill gradient to the first left turn [new] which takes you onto and up Well Lane; a left turn at the far end brings you onto Manley Lane [adjustment].
  7. Finally, mercifully, the gradient levels out before dipping slightly. A right turn through the narrow Quarry Lane channels you to another right turn onto Sugar Lane and a gentle uphill to the third drinks station at 10 miles.
  8. [adjustment] Straight after the drinks station turn left up School Lane, for a short climb, before turning left onto the main B5393 road, which undulates for just over a mile and then you can look forward to the downhill run of Towers Lane.
  9. However, at the bottom of the hill, there is a sting in the tail: a humpback bridge over the old railway line. You can: run over it; walk over it; crawl over it, but with less than a mile to go now is not the time to give up. The road turns right: through the golf course; right onto Primrose Lane; a swift left onto Latham Avenue (the 13-mile mark) followed by a left into Denbigh Close.
  10. I’m sure you’ll be relieved to see the finish line – so a quick sprint down the road and there you have it – you’ve done it! It wasn’t that tough, was it!?  At least now you’ll know what to expect next time.

For GPS fans – 2022 GPX file, with updated turns at miles 1,8&10 [GPX, 22KB]