Release your green energy with us
Helsby Running Club

Charities and partners

Thank you to Essar and our other sponsors, Asics and Running Bear.


As well as giving you a great race, we also support a number of local charities from the money raised. The charities and good causes we’ve supported recently are:

  • Halton Haven Hospice (headline good cause)
  • Hospice of Good Shepherd (headline good cause)
  • Horns Mill School 
  • Elton Guides 
  • Helsby Guides 
  • Helsby Scouts 
  • North West Scout Federation 
  • Dewa Explorer Scouts 
  • Beacon Explorer Scouts 
  • Helsby High School 
  • Helsby Tennis Club 
  • Frodsham Sea Scouts 
  • Frodsham Scouts 
  • Runcorn Canal Boat Project
  • Helsby Community Sports Club 
  • Hill Side Womens Institute 
  • Helsby & Frodsham Rotary Club


The race was started way back in the mists of time – we’re as old as the London Marathon (and easier to get into) – to raise money for local charity and that remains the case now. We couldn’t do it without an army of unpaid volunteers. Thanks Helsby.


We’d like to thank all the volunteers, helpers, marshals, water-carriers, transport people, our photographers, and everyone else who makes this special event possible. We couldn’t run the event without the patience and understanding of all our local residents and businesses along the route.