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Helsby Running Club

Track Night

In 2023, Helsby Running Club held their first inter-club track night. This event gave members the opportunity to test themselves in a track racing environment without the pressure of an official race event. We held relay races and a Mile race across the evening, holding seeded races so everyone had a competitive race to be involved in. Everyone having a fantastic time on the night despite the wet weather!

This is now something we will look to hold as an annual event, mixing up the type of track events that are held. Details for 2024 are yet to be confirmed but, as soon as we have the details we will post on this page! For now, please see the times set by our members in 2023.


Mike Fryer 04:54.5 
Ian Mayhew 05:04.5 
Ben Tumilty 05:25.3 
Chris Levick 05:30.9 
Ross McNair 05:34.4 
Joseph Larkin 05:50.7 
Chris Dodd 05:55.1 
Rob Fernyhough 05:56.9 
Matt Larkin 05:58.5 
Helen Harrington 05:58.9 
Charlie Larkin 06:13.5 
Nick Massey 06:17.7 
Phil Mann 06:24.0 
John Whitehead 06:31.0 
Paul Frodsham 06:32.6 
Stephen Plester 06:44.5 
Hannah Ryan 06:55.9 
Lauren Cooke 06:56.7 
Chris Green 06:57.0 
Kathryn Schofield 07:02.0 
Jane Ashbrook 07:09.5 
Joey Kelly 07:51.1 
Chris Morgan 08:31.8