Helsby Running Club

Joe Beswick SSTC trail challenge

We’ve renamed the event in honour of a dear friend and club stalwart. I’m sure he’d be chuffed.

Results and pics

Hopefully we’ll have a full dust down report after we’ve got our breath back, but for now thanks so much to everyone that made it happen before and on the day and everyone that turned up to take part. We’re proud of our little trail and love to share it. Sorry about the heat! It’s not about the results but I know you want to know anyway…

Drop us a line if you spot any discrepancies in the results. There’s a big pile of pics on our Flickr site here: 2022 sandstone trail challenge …hopefully more to come. Apologies for any duplicates, blurred shots and for missing anyone – we tried to get everyone but might not have managed it!

See you next year!

2022 event

Our event date is Saturday 14 May and entries open 1 Feb, via the Nifty event portal as before.

As you know we had to cancel both 2020 and 2021 and hope to be be back to normal in May of this year (no guarantees though!). In the meantime, we hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and enjoying the trails – thankfully they are still there and as rewarding as ever!

Drop in our Facebook page for all things Sandstone – https://www.facebook.com/groups/sandstonetrail/. If there’s anything else you need, drop us a line on sandstonetrailchallenge@hotmail.com

Happy trails,
Dave, Lesley and all at Helsby RC.

GPX file: Matt Larkin has kindly provided a GPX of the route. South to north as per the event and finishing at our race finish at the community centre (rather than the regular trail finish at the Bear’s Paw nearby).

More details and grid references for the five intermediate checkpoints, roughly every 5-6 miles.

2020 and 2021 – events did not take place

Sandstone Trail Challenge 2019

And another cracker it was too. Our race directors report for 2019 is here.

And thanks from us all to Dave and Leslie for making it happen! Thanks also to all for coming and making it happen, turning up to run and walk and for the countless small and not so small acts behind the scenes needed to get the show on the road. THANKS!

Results for 2019 here. Lots of pics here on our Flickr site. Please help yourself to any image downloads and if you’re feeling particularly pleased bung a couple of quid to your favourite charity. Halton Haven can always use a hand for one. Another brilliant event!

In 2011 Helsby Running Club revived the Sandstone Trail Challenge, previously organised by the Fire Service in Frodsham until 2006. A good time was had by all. Each year since then we’ve built upon our experience running the event and always seem to get good feedback from our (sometimes exhausted) participants. We’re planning to keep it that way!

The event follows 33 miles of the waymarked Sandstone Trail from beginning to end, apart from a minor variation at the end to finish at the Community Centre in Frodsham. The Sandstone Trail follows a sandstone ridge through the Cheshire plain, with some of the best walking in the county. This is an LDWA-style challenge walk that also supports runners. Note that it is not a race. It is open to everyone aged 14 or over fit and experienced enough to do it. Runners must be over 18

Contact us (David and Lesley Feakes) with any queries: sandstonetrailchallenge@hotmail.com