Sandstone entry conditions

Entry information

Before entering everyone must read and accept the conditions of entry — this is primarily to keep the risks down for all of us, both organisers and participants.

Conditions of entry

  1. The walk is open to anyone aged 14 or over who is fit and has sufficient experience
  2. Dogs may be allowed onto the coaches transporting participants to the start (email us for clarification), but they will not be allowed into the Community Centre. As far as we are aware there should be no problem taking dogs on the route, but responsibility for this lies with the owner. Dog owners must follow the Country Code and any local signing relating to dogs.
  3. The entry fee is £20. For any cancellations made online up to 2 months before the date of the event the entry fee will be returned less a deduction as defined on the Fabian4 website (around £3.60). No entry fees can be returned after this date, but if you still cancel on the Fabian4 system that may give someone else the opportunity to take part.
  4. Entries can be transferred to someone else at no charge, by amending your online entry. This can only be done before the closing date for entries.
  5. The walk must be completed within 12 hours 30 minutes, and all walkers must have finished by 9:00pm (start time will be 8:30am or thereabouts).
  6. Walkers must be in good health and have no medical condition that may cause undue concern or inconvenience to others.
  7. Walkers must have sufficient knowledge, experience, equipment and navigational skills to take part in a long distance walk in all conditions. Walkers under 18 who will be accompanied by an adult are not required to fulfil this condition, but must have the appropriate equipment.
  8. An adult walker may supervise no more than two walkers under 18.
  9. Every walker under 18 must complete and post us a parental consent form, which must be received by the closing date for entries.
  10. Walkers must have completed a walk or run of at least 20 miles within the past six months.
  11. A list of checkpoint closing times will be provided at registration, and each walker must register with the marshals at each checkpoint. Any walker arriving at a checkpoint after its closing time, or deemed by the marshals not likely to make the closing time of the next checkpoint must retire immediately.
  12. Additional route information and instructions may be provided at registration, related to missing signs, temporary diversions etc, and these must be followed by all walkers.
  13. All walkers must carry:
    a. OS 1:25000 or 1:50000 maps covering the entire route. These could be (i) OS Explorer Maps 257 and 267, (ii) OS Landranger map 117, or (iii) Tony Bowerman’s book ‘Walking Cheshire’s Sandstone Trail’, which incorporates photo-reduced extracts of the OS Explorer maps.
    b. An up-to-date definition of the route of the Sandstone Trail. This could be (i) up-to-date OS Explorer Maps 257 and 267, which have the route marked on them, (ii) the Cheshire West and Chester walkers’ guide, or (iii) Tony Bowerman’s guidebook (see above). You must ensure you have an up-to-date version of the route definition that includes the start in Whitchurch and the new finish in the centre of Frodsham.
    c. A compass
    d. Emergency food
    e. A water resistant jacket
    f. Suitable clothing for the weather conditions expected (and a bit extra in case the forecast is wrong).
  14. All walkers are also advised to carry:
    a. A fully waterproof jacket
    b. Basic first aid kit, particularly for treating blisters
    c. Sunscreen if sunny weather is expected
    d. Mobile phone
  15. All walkers must respect farm property and honour the Country Code. The way-marked Sandstone Trail route must be followed at all times as far as the B5152 (Red Lane) in Frodsham just before the finish, and shortcuts are forbidden, including cutting field corners. This latter point is particularly important in the fields between Wood Lane (GR535649) and checkpoint 4 by Rock Farm, Willington (GR537662).
  16. Cross all roads with care, respecting other road users. Take particular care when crossing the A534 at Gallantry Bank (GR5145380), the A51 at Rode Street (GR542633), the A54 at Gresty’s Waste (GR540687) and the B5152 in Frodsham (GR521776). The A54 in particular is a very fast and very busy road.
  17. Walkers who have to retire must only do so at official checkpoints. Transport to the finish will be provided. All entrants who retire MUST report to event officials at the finish desk.
  18. At the organisers’ discretion trophies may be awarded. You won’t be eligible for a trophy in an age-related category if you didn’t provide your correct date of birth on the entry form. Nobody will be awarded more than one trophy.
  19. All the above entry conditions apply to runners as well as walkers, and all runners must be over 18. In addition, runners are asked to respect the non-competitive approach of the event. In particular:
    a. Please be nice to the marshals at the checkpoints. Give them a smile if you can manage one and deposit all used cups and other litter in the binbags provided.
    b. Wait for gaps in traffic before crossing roads.
    c. Cheer everyone who finishes after you as they come in.
  20. Anyone found to be in breach of the entry conditions may be asked to retire from the event immediately, and may not be permitted to enter again in future years.
  21. Entrants’ details will be kept temporarily on computer for the purpose of the walk. Email addresses may be used to communicate information about the event, and about the following year’s event (but not for any other purpose). Entrants’ names, home towns and finishing times may be published on the event website. By entering the event you are agreeing to this.
  22. The organisers reserve the right to incorporate additional rules as they think necessary, and in all cases their decisions will be final.
  23. The organisers can accept no responsibility for injury, damage or loss, however sustained.

Now you’ve read all that, you can go ahead and enter.  

All walkers under 18 on the day of the event must complete a parental consent form: print it out and return it by post to the address on the form.