Tattenhall Tough Team Results 2009

Tattenhall Tough Team Results 2009

Please find a direct link to the Tattenhall Tough Team challenge results


and some pictures of the notorious or is that nefarious railway


A great atmosphere, some diverse terrain (albeit with some road heading
out and back), good support, the grim reaper, cake and team prizes.
What more could be asked?

So firstly let’s congratulate Helsby’s leading ladies ‘BevanJan’ who
were the Ladies Category Winners! The team, with some clues in the name, consisted of Beverley Roberts, Vanessa Griffiths and Jane Ashbrook.  Well done! ….and the wine was fantastic btw

Supporting this result were the ‘Hells B Team’, captained by Ian
Landucci supported by Adair Broughton and Keith Middleman
(unfortunately not a Helsby Runner, otherwise known as a ringer! No
comments Mike :D) who managed to finish in a fine 4th place overall,
after a good sprint finish by Ian, to make them the ‘Mens Category
Winners’…. can we find a fit and feisty 3rd runner next year to help us
get under the 60 minutes?? I think Steve might be that man!

And another special mention to a team that had three Helsby runners was the Mens Vets team, with the spirited name of ‘Let’s work together’,
with a fantastic run by Dave Feakes who was running with Mario Foschi
and Richard Mitchell to finish a fine 14th place overall.
Congratulations to them. And they were all still smiling at the finish, =D a good sign.

Maybe the best name of the night goes to the next Helsby team
‘Madonna’s orphaned Children’, comprised of Mike Searle, Dave Madders
and John Gallon. Great running!

And Jackie Keasely somehow found the energy to run at Tattenhall as a
solid preparation for Freckleton on Sunday. Now that’s commitment.
Definitely not ‘over the Helsby Hillers’ and supporting her were Leslie
Feakes and Rachel Arnold. Once again great running.

see you all (and more) there next year

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