Birkenhead 5 results

Birkenhead 5 results

With Adair partying down in Glastonbury I thought I would take on his role as results reporter.

Birkenhead Park 5 Mile – 3rd June
I have just received a response from the race organiser of the Birkenhead Park 5 miler with the results. The delay to getting the results out was due to him being on holiday.

27th    Adair Broughton       29:40
40th    Ian Landucci            31:24
63rd    Steve Riley             33:06
71st    Geoff Shaw              33.49
90th    Carol Shaw              36.52
103rd  Andy Todd               40:20
113th  Sarah Price              42:07
114th  Vanessa Griffiths      43:07
118th  Janet Shaw              45:15

Full results.



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