Jackie and Ron Hill at Freckleton

Jackie and Ron Hill at Freckleton

Jackie Keasley of Helsby Running club (in her words)

….Had the priviledge of running 1/2 mile or so with Ron Hill!!  – He still holds the FHA course record – its been intact for 30+ years! He’s now 70 and told me this was his last ever half, but would continue with the fells as they take less of a toll! As he finally raced ahead of me I was left wondering what drives him on still – sharing the field with the likes of me!   I think I know what drives him on – we all have it – its the experience of taking part, sometimes the enjoyment comes after the pain but there is a buzz with every race (& training session) even if the times are slower!  Its great to do club counters but running also gives us the options of running all over the country/world (LAMM two weekend ago, Saunders the w/e after next, 10 marathons in 7 cities in 7 countries etc etc) and I am proud each time to run in my Helsby vest. For all of us the further afield we run the more we advertise our club.

So very well done to Jackie who had also competed in the Tattenhall Tough Team Challenge on Friday Night!


Edit: Here’s a picture of Ron in winter plumage…


  1. Brilliant! I remember a couple of years ago at the Staffs Moorlands Christmas Cracker lining up alongside a very dapper runner, fully decked out in ‘Hilly’ gear. Bloke on the other side turns to him and says ‘still running every day?’ ‘Aye, just coming up to my 150,000th mile.’ You couldn’t make it up 🙂

  2. Adair Broughton

    Just received this email.

    Brian freckletonhalfmarathon@googlemail.com has invited you to join the
    Freckleton Half Marathon group with this message:

    Dear Runner

    You are invited to join the newly created google group for the Freckleton Half

    I am letting you know that entries for the 2010 Freckleton Half Marathon will
    be opening this weekend at http://www.ukresults.net Because I expect the race to be
    oversubscribed faster than ever, I am giving advance notice to you as someone
    who has entered this race within the last two years. The race leaflet for 2010
    is attached. Please feel free to forward the leaflet to anyone who may be
    interested in entering the race.

    There will be no postal entries for 2010

    If there is a particular number you would like, please let me know and I’ll do
    my best to accommodate your request. Some numbers have already been requested,
    which is where I got the idea from.

    I very much hope you will support us again for 2010.

    If you took part in 2009 and enjoyed your day I hope you will vote for the
    race at http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/events/viewevent.asp?sp=&v=1&EN=45557

    I am trying to get 100 votes for the race this year.

    with very best regards in sport
    Brian Porter
    Race Director
    Freckleton Half Marathon
    Freckleton Half Marathon Sunday 20th June 2010

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