Running groups for Wednesday nights

Running groups for Wednesday nights

Hi everyone
It has been noticed that the Wednesday night running groups aren’t quite working out the way they should be and there is some confusion about routes etc. therefore we have decided to have a refresher of the groups.
We are asking for some volunteers to be a group leader, you will need to hold a sign before the run and make sure nobody in your group gets lost, muster at various points and make sure nobody gets left behind for safety reasons.
Please see below for the list of proposed groups:
Group 1: people who run sub 90min HM (sub 40 10k approx)
Group 2: people who run 1.30-1.45 HM (40-47min 10k approx)
Group 3: people who run around 1.45-2hr(ish) HM (47-55min 10k approx)
Group 4: beginners (any pace, all inclusive)
I think this worked really well in the summer as new runners found it easy to decide who to run with and nobody was left on their own. I think we have lost a bit of momentum without enough volunteers to hold up signs in the car park. If those on the list also help dig out the signs, if they are down first on a Wednesday, it then spreads the load amongst the club rather than relying on just a few.
During the winter Wednesday night runs we will try and alternate through the Frodsham, Ince/Elton & Mickle Trafford routes. However when the weather is foul we will sometimes switch to Frodsham as it’s safer and slightly more pleasant. The route will be announced each week at 6:30pm and again for safety reasons it would be much appreciated if runners keep to these routes so that we know where people are if there is a problem. If a smaller group wants to go to Frodsham that’s fine, but please let Jane, Colin, Jackie or Joe know.
Also a few more points:

  • If you could please wear high viz clothing for all runs and a lightweight head torch is always handy. We have high viz vests at the club if you need one, just ask at the start.
  • The last Wed of each month is normally the Mickle Trafford 6k or 10k time trail which Colin will inform runners of in advance.
  • There is the torch lit hill option too of course!

If you wish to be a group leader then please let myself ( Jane Ashbrook ( or Jackie Keasley ( know and we will try to get this sorted out for our club run on Wednesday. Alternatively you could let us know on our Facebook page.
Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please get in touch.

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