Helsby weekly round-up 2nd to 8th November 2015

Helsby weekly round-up 2nd to 8th November 2015

Hi everyone
Welcome to this weeks round-up. Thank you to everyone who sent a report in this week, as always it’s very much appreciated so please keep them coming. The email address is helsby-race-reports@outlook.com.
Now on to the news. We had a borders and XC clash this weekend so it was great to see a full brace of mens and ladies teams at both races. Thanks once again to Chris Fitz and Vanessa for rallying the troops for the borders. We also had two of our runners competing in a new ultra in the racing calendar, the Warrington Way 40m. More info on those races below but first up we had the the intrepid Ben Williams partaking in the epic LDWA Kilburn Kanter on Saturday. Over to Ben for his report:
Just a quick report from the LDWA Kilburn Kanter event in North Yorkshire. 24 miles, 3850 foot of climb.
I woke on Saturday morning to the rain beating on the windows. As I drove from York to Kilburn (home of the famous White Horse) the rain got worse. The organisers had to abandon the plan to park on a field because we would never have got on, or off again afterwards. Tea and toast at the start, and then we were off. I had wanted to beat last year’s time of 5.48, but had to abandon any plans to run to a time as soon as we started – grassy paths were ankle deep in mud, stony paths had become streams and the roads were rivers. Last year was dry underfoot,  this year it felt like two steps forward and one slide backwards. At one point an uphill footpath was only passable by using the adjacent fence to pull myself up, my feet sliding along behind. As soon as we gained height the mist closed in, making navigation occasionally a challenge. The rain continued to come down as I passed through several cute villages, plenty of farms and the odd moor, until it suddenly cleared as I climbed up Sutton Bank to the last checkpoint. The last three miles was a warm and sunny delight, apart from the squelch of wet clothes and trainers. The food at the finish was as welcome as ever.
Numbers seemed a bit down this year, despite the event being sold out – LDWA events are ridiculously cheap, but I guess the downside of that is that entrants can easily decide not to bother if the weather’s bad.
Oh, and my time? 5.21. Smashed it.
No idea how.
Ed: great stuff Ben, you just keep getting better. Hard training is paying off this year!
Warrington Way 40m Ultra

safe_image2Also on Saturday was the inaugural Warrington Way 40m ultra excellently organised by Lymm Runners.  Helsby were represented by Jim and Jackie.
Over to Jackie …  As is usual with ultra events, a few months back it seemed a good idea to enter this race. As I’ve now completed 3 ultras this year each being just over 30 miles with hills, was a 40 flatish miles possible?  Also having lived in Warrington in the past it seemed a fitting  idea to run around it!  Bill and my friend Jennie who lives Lymm were recruited for support and B&B the night before and to supply the usual hot drinks and extra carbos along the way.
safe_image4The circular route certainly took in the ”sites” of Warrington; parts of the Trans Pennine Way, enough cow and crop fields for life, brown field sites, canal paths, cow slurry farm tracks, the humming of traffic alongside and across motorways and A roads plus even a power station (Fidders Ferry). Taking in Warburton, Birchwood, Croft, Burtonwood, Widnes, Sankey Valley, Moore, Walton, Hatton to name a few places en-route.
A 7am start in the dark and pouring rain with water running inches deep down the cobbles followed by a murky splash down the trans-pennine route started us off. It gradually lightened up by about 9 am, but the rain and heavy showers continued all morning before amazingly the sun came out early afternoon before the odd shower later on.
There were well organised check points after each 10 miles, with lots of support, drinks, jelly beans and other childhood favourite sweets and biscuits.safe_image    Support along the way from Warrington folks and runners was really good and encouraging. The solo entries were limited to about 100 but there were also 20 relay teams (4 legs of 10 miles) so it wasn’t too lonesome out on the course!. 4 waterproof maps with instructions were issued at the event, so you really had to navigate around, although green and white tape has been put at intervals along the route (but as usual there were many gaps so could not be relied on!).   I reccied the last 12 miles from Moore the week before in case I was too tired to read the instructions and map plus I though I could well be doing this section in the dark.
20151107_152324Surprise surprise, I managed to keep a steady pace up and keep running most of the way, apart from the really glooopy sticky parts!  In one way doing a flat race was more difficult, physically and certainly mentally, as there were less breaks and variations in stride, plus the mountainous views to take your mind off the running were certainly missing!   The continuous flat really does take it out of your legs, the loading on the hips and knees is much less than the fells but the intensity on your leg muscles is intense, so several days later I still have a swaggering walk!
Charlie Sharpe finished 1st in a staggering 4:51, 1st lady also from Spectrum Striders was Shirley Anderson in 6:23, Jim came in an excellent 36th in 7:47 and I game in mid afternoon (i.e. in daylight) in 45th in 8:19, so more than half way up the field which I was delighted about!
Full results and photos and a link to Charlies blog on http://lymmrunners.org.uk/warrington-way/
Arley 10k
Tanya has sent in a great report for the Arley Hall 10k. Having done this one myself last year it’s a great course for having a stab at a PB and it looks like a fantastic run was had by all. Read on for Tanyas view on the race…
Four Helsby runners braved the elements on Saturday to participate in the Arley 10k. Wellingtons optional and a warning email the night before about the state of the registration and toilet area forewarned us it was going to be a wet one.
On the whole it was a warm but blustery race on the familiar, slight undulating roads around Arley. Always an enjoyable but hard race as everyone put everything they could muster into their run. A few pitstops for some added unintentional minutes to the final timings, but couldn’t be helped. An amazing run from Jo Lacking saw her finish 9th female. As always a very well organised race with fantastic marshals.
All did the green army proud.
JO LACKING 00:41.27 PB 2nd in age category
CAROL SHAW 00:44.26 2nd in age category
TANYA DOWNES 00:55.16 course PB
Borders League (Race #2 Birkenhead Park)

FB_IMG_1447232452959It was excellent to see a full team out for both the mens and ladies team for the borders league on Sunday, especially since we had a clash with an XC on the same day and a few injuries within the squad. Although both teams finished bottom of division 1 the important thing is to get a full team out as we are not too far behind at the moment so we can always claw back some points over the season. Fitzy lead the charge for the men storming around to finish first for the Helsby men and Jo Lacking is showing some superb form to take the chequered flag for the ladies. We also had a couple of category podiums which can be seen in the results below. Well done everyone! Lets hope we can keep getting a big turn out at each race as we have a great strength in numbers in our club which will pay off later in the season, I’m sure Fitzy and Vanessa will be rallying the troops soon for the next one. Also thank you to Joe and Mario for their support on the day, it really gives our runners a spring in their step when they hear Joe shouting his words of encouragement!
Helsby results below
35th Chris FITZPATRICK 32:57
50th Adam GORDON 33:34
57th Neil FINEGAN 33:47
84th Jim O’HARA 35:04
103rd Jim HIGGINS 35:51
119th Ian LANDUCCI 36:31
124th Ian RUTHERFORD 36:40
131st Ian HAMLING 36:54
132nd Joanne LACKING 36:57
151st Chris MURRAY 37:32
178th Neil HUGHES 39:10
180th John ROSSITER 39:17
187th Dave MADDERS 39:33
208th Roy GASKILL 40:20
212th Geoff READ 40:29
218th Stephen ROACH 40:37
229th Helen OWENS 41:05
239th Carol SHAW 41:24
240th Michael WILLIAMS 41:25
268th Geoff COLLINS 43:01
275th Geoff SHAW 43:25
280th Stephen WIGGINS 43:39
282nd Debbie READ 43:43 (2nd in age cat)
295th Jenn NAYLOR 44:46
299th Rachael HOLDEN 45:04
315th Ellie MCCARTHY 46:38
324th David WIGGINS 47:11
338th Gill FITZPATRICK 48:25
343rd Shan MCCARTHY 48:59
354th Nicola CASH 51:25
367th Janet SHAW 54:02 (2nd in age cat)
Full results here http://www.bordersleague.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/results2015-16R2.html
Team results here http://www.bordersleague.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/teamresults2015-16R2.html
XC Sunday League Race #2 (Stadt Moers Park)
We also had a good turn out at the XC Sunday League, the results still haven’t been published for this so I am unable to show the race positions but a big well done to all who took part and as soon as more info is available I will update the blog. In the meantime, keep an eye on this link for the results http://www.stevesaunders.co.uk/openingframe.htm
Ed: results now in, please see Helsby results below:
16th Benjamin Fletcher
75th Gareth Boyd
136th Stephen Riley
143rd John Whitehead
179th  Paul Foster
193rd Chris Hatton
5th June Swift
8th Jenny Illidge
18th Laura Baynham-Hughes
30th Janet Robertson
53rd Suzanne Fletcher
59th Lesley Feakes
Great results which put the ladies team into 3rd place on the day and the men were 6th. Don’t forget the next one is on 22nd November at Beacon Park, Skelmersdale.
Please find the results for the Saturday parkruns. Well done to all who took part, some great results!
59th Geoff COLLINS 00:25:25
90th Jenny ILLIDGE 00:27:46

26th Michael WILLIAMS 00:25:27
Social planner Fitzy has asked me to send a reminder out for the Helsby RC Xmas do. Please see his message below:
Friday Dec 4th is the Christmas night out, I know I’ve seen a Helsby Community Sports Club night out advertised on the 5th with a meal and all that, but the official running club parrrrrrrrteeeeeeeee is the 4th, mind you show your support for the one on the 5th as well if you think your hard enough to handle 2 nights on the bounce, don’t go overboard though Borders league race on the 6th 🙂
7.30pm Helter Skelter, I’ll send a few more reminders nearer the time.
That’s all this week. Thanks once again for the reports and keep on running!

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