Four villages – latest news

Four villages – latest news

Now that the race packs have been dispatched, we are going to be doing everything we can to ensure the race goes ahead and ensure people keep as safe as possible. We want to be as transparent as possible and explain our thought processes

Our first port of call is to be informed by our regulatory bodies – the government, our local authority (CWAC) and England Athletics. There is nothing coming from these guys at present which will prevent us going ahead but we will constantly monitor the situation and communicate as necessary. There is one piece of legislation we need to be compliant with. We are encouraging people to take advantage of our park and ride at either Helsby High school or Essar. If you are using the buses you are obliged to wear a face covering, please use your own face covering for the journey to the race HQ, we will provide disposable masks for the return journey.

Secondly we are strongly advising all runners, volunteers and spectators to stay at home if you have any Covid symptoms or suspicions. Similarly we are strongly advising all runners, volunteers and spectators to take a lateral flow test 24 hours before the event. Stay at home if the test is positive.

We are all acutely aware of the current stresses and strains on the NHS, therefore if you don’t have Covid symptoms but are not feeling great, consider whether taking part in the race will result in you needing to use the NHS.

Our next consideration is a practical one, we are making contingency plans for up to 25% of our volunteers not being available. This is in line with current advice being given to business. The mitigation measures we are planning are:

  • Having standby deputies for all key race management positions, however if we have to use any of these volunteers, they will not be as well prepared as the original volunteer and we are asking all runners and spectators to be sympathetic to this situation and extra compliant with any instructions given. We’re in this together!
  • We are putting together a plan for having a reduced number of marshals on the course. If we need to mobilise this plan, please recognise that there won’t be the level of support we are normally able to provide and be extra diligent in taking note of any directional signs and / or marshals instructions. This includes using the litter bins on the course as we may not have the same number of people able to clean up post race
  • We are asking for extra volunteers (outside of Helsby Running Club and the usual local community groups) to come forward to provide cover. So, if you are not able to run, have a friend or fellow club member who is not running and is willing to help out on the day, please contact us on the club email –

These are all “what if scenarios” and we very much hope not to have to use them but as the race is “by runners and for runners” we want to be as transparent as possible to ensure it is the running community which gives all involved a great race.

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