Four villages 2022 race results

Four villages 2022 race results

Head over to the Nifty site for full race results of Sunday’s Four Villages. Full category breakdown here, congratulations to all our prize winners:

Thank you for everyone that made our race happen. New venue, smaller numbers Covid, lots of other challenges. It worked! Thank you to everyone that kept the faith. It’s a team effort involving dozens of people working in their spare time but every circus needs a ringmaster – great work Laura, our race director.

Mick Hall’s race photos are here. Thanks Mick!

A few of ours here:

Thanks to Tony Schofield for the great pics!


  1. Paul mills

    Hi. Quick comment. May be a problem with rows or columns. I think myself and Stephen W were the first 2 in v55 not v50 and Colin B for example was 1st v60 not 1st v55. Thought i’d mention it. Thanks Paul Mills.

  2. admin

    Hi Paul – thanks for the note and great run! We use the ‘age band or over’ principle to award age prizes. So a fast 60 year gets the V55 prize if they were faster than the other 55 year olds. The updated spreadsheet gives the calculated results, but they don’t quite match the displayed results on the Nifty site.

    I’ve added a note on the way we calculate age results to try and clarify and we’re looking if there’s anything we can do to clarify the SMS/Nifty results. Hope that helps, any queries let us know though.

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