Wray Caton Fell Race

Wray Caton Fell Race

Thanks to Phil Gillard for providing a great write-up of the Bank Holiday Wray Caton Fell Race and for Mick Charman for providing the photos included in this article…

Training for the Three Peaks Yacht race takes over your life and despite the fantastic support of your nearest and dearest there are compromises that have to be negotiated, so having spent Saturday and Sunday either on the water or the fells, the Wray Caton race was one of those compromises.

The village of Wray is a lovely community set about 8 miles east of the the M6 near Lancaster, every year they hold a scarecrow festival and a fell race is held as part of the festival, so an ideal recipe for your family to have a look around the show in the sunshine and by the time they know it, you are back from the race and able to resume your domestic duties.

The race starts from the centre of the village with plenty of spectators to cheer you on, the first part of the race reminded me a little bit of Snowdon with a steep incline on the road followed by a left turn onto an undulating run to the fell gate. Upon entering the fell the ground softens up with a runnable incline up to the turnaround point, it was good to Mick Charman about halfway up the incline at two miles, marshalling and taking photos. The descent is one of the best; spongy soft ground, a steady gradient which forces you to open your legs and very little in the way of rocks or other hard hazards

Making your way back via the fell gate you can see and hear the festival which really gives you that little kick to take a couple more places as you descend into a wooded valley, cross the stream and enter the show field to the finish

It was great to see another Helsby vest in the form of Chris Hatton and a lot of our friends from Spectrum – this race was one of their counters

Full Results here: http://www.wrayvillage.co.uk/rptResult.html

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