Virtual Road Relay Competition

Virtual Road Relay Competition

Here are the results for the green army runners. There were 2,454 finishers. Thank you all for running – everyone ran brilliantly especially in cold, dark, wet, … 🙂 If you want to see more detail, go to

There were 128 teams that finished and we came 69th with a time of 4:19:22 (average leg time 32:25) 🙂 . The winners (Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow AC) averaged 27:43 a leg; Wirral AC came 2nd with an average leg time of 27:50

PlaceNameCAT Cat PosResult
384Chris FITZPATRICKM405529:12.00 
423Mike FRYERSM19929:28.00 
568Hannah COWLEYSW2630:17.00 
854June WHITEHEADSW6431:59.00 
910Adam GORDONM458832:21.00 
1182Peter RODRIGUEZM4014334:11.00 
1219Edward HALLIWELLM4513034:26.00 
1238Chris DODDM3515834:30.00 
1338Alison HALSALLW501335:10.00 
1439John WHITEHEADM3517335:53.00 
1536Rachael HOLDENW356336:44.00 
1613Rebecca TATEW456037:23.00 
1708Andrea TOOTLEW409138:24.00 
1725Jason TATEM4018038:38.00 
1748Tim PALMERM554938:50.00 
1752Hannah RYANW358038:53.00 
1810Ben WILLIAMSM4018539:26.00 
1823Geoff COLLINSM603339:31.00 
1913Gareth BOYDM4519840:48.00 
2129Karen HORSLEYW4513244:00.00 
2210Matt WILLCOTTM4019845:34.00 
2296Kai HORSLEYU20M4347:36.00 
2407Nesta HAWKERW555453:40.00 


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