9 miles for Joe

9 miles for Joe

Further to: https://www.helsbyrunningclub.org.uk/joe-beswick/, another message from our club chair, Phil Gillard

I have been in touch with Joe’s family and discussed the fact that many of us would like to pay our last respects to Joe but clearly won’t be able to do so because of the current Covid restrictions.

We have come up with something which we think Joe will appreciate – “9 miles for Joe”. We are asking people to run, walk, cycle or swim 9 miles in memory of Joe; one mile for each decade of his amazing life. We are asking people to do this in advance of his funeral which will be on 15th January.

It is up to you what you do and where you do it but would suggest it is somewhere which will allow you to remember Joe, I know part of my route will take in Joe’s path on Woodhouse Hill. In Halton you may want to do this collectively, in Cheshire West you may want to do things in pairs.

As you do your chosen activity we are encouraging people to take a photo, perhaps having a “waahay” shout as it is taken. You can publish these on our Facebook page or just keep them for your own memories.

In addition, we have set up a Just Giving page to allow donations to the Woodland Trust, a cause Joe was very keen on, please use this link


Joe’s family are most appreciative of all the efforts we are going to; something that Joe richly deserved in consideration of all the encouragement, knowledge and smiles he gave us.



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  1. Alan Beswick

    The ‘9 miles for Joe’ is such a lovely idea Phil. Hilary and I have both been unwell in recent weeks so not really in a position to run such a distance ourselves at the moment. However, our eldest daughter Emily is out today having run from Buxton into the Goyt valley, then completing a circuit of the town and its main park to bring her total mileage to 9 for her grandad. She is just on the final couple of miles as I write this message. Good luck to all of those in Helsby club who embark upon their own 9 miles for Joe! We know he would be very proud.

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