Oakmere Way Club Championship Race

Oakmere Way Club Championship Race

Here are the results and Jackie’s report on the Oakmere Way Club Championship Race; this is the first of five races that will count towards this year’s club championship – see dates-for-your-diaries-update-10-july-21 for more details.


NamePositionTimeAge category
Greg Cole100:24:25MSEN
Adam Gordon200:24:45MV45
Mike Fryer300:25:05MSEN
Benjamin Tumilty400:26:00MSEN
Darren Humes500:26:35MV35
Hannah Cowley600:27:03FSEN
Chris Dodd700:27:46MV35
Richard Piggott800:28:38MV40
Chris Lloyd900:29:06MV40
Paul Frodsham1000:29:28MV60
Matty Clements1100:29:57MV45
Nick Massey1200:31:17MV50
Christina Roach1300:32:00FV60
Lauren Cooke1400:32:19FSEN
Jason Tate1500:32:24MV45
Carol Shaw1600:32:57FV55
Debbie Read1700:33:37FV60
Kathryn Schofield1800:33:51FSEN
Rachel Arnold1900:34:55FV55
Andrew Smith2000:50:57MV60
Phil Gillard2100:50:57MV60


After weeks of dry hot weather, it finally broke on Wednesday afternoon with a dramatic thunder & lightning storm. Fortunately, it cleared up nicely by mid-afternoon for setting out the course and all was well till the start at 6:45 when a few thunderclaps (minor compared to earlier) started during the safety brief. No sooner did the 20 brave eager Helsby vest clad runners set off the thunder subsided but the heavens opened for a cool running start along the Oakmere Way.  A 4+ mile varied route (on the much quieter side of Delamere) along mainly wide grassy tracks with a short road section tested everyone’s race stamina after such a long break for most.  Initially, I thought 4 miles was a tad too short, but most agreed at the end, which finished with a hill, was enough! Well done to everyone who took part and congratulations to our newest club member Greg, wearing his Helsby Vest for the very first time who won.

Afterwards, we all piled back into the Delamere Station Cafe, this time inside to keep warm and had copious amounts of recovery food & beer (for some), thanks to Claire and her team for staying open and thanks to marshals Ed, Geoff, Denise, Bill, Tim and timers Helen, Jen, Jo & Kathryn.

It wasn’t photo weather but here’s a photo of the lily pads on the unnamed Oakmere Lake passed towards the end.  Taken yesterday morning on checking we’d collected all the signs in. It’s even nicer in the afternoon in the sunshine when the lilies are fully opened, check it and the route out sometime?

PS Greg – please can you let us have your No 1 finish disc back – thanks!

Next race

Helsby RC event using Old Pale, Delamere – 11th or 13th August – organised by Fitzy

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