Mid Cheshire 5km – 30 April 2021

Mid Cheshire 5km – 30 April 2021

Some great running by Helsby RC competitors in this race…all achieved 5km PBs 😀

PosNameTimeGenderGender PosCategoryCat PosPB
200Mike Fryer17:21Male185Senior Male119
202Hannah Cowley17:21Female16Senior Female12
223Benjamin Tumility17:45Male202Senior Male128
247Jessica Haney18:10Female27Senior Female21First 5km on Power of 10
293Chris Lloyd18:54Male253Vet 4030First 5km on Power of 10
400Mike Barnard21:54Male322Vet 5021
414Kai Horsley22:45Male328Under 2130
454Karen Horsley28:57Female110Vet 4518

Helsby Running Club 5km rankings (from Runbritainrankings)

Here is Hannah’s report…

It’s Friday morning and im getting ready for my first race in over 12 months following the covid-19 pandemic…. the mid Cheshire 5km. Normally not being a big fan of 5km races as you have to ‘bust a gut’ all the way around the course, I wanted to challenge myself as it being my first race and possibly begin to love 5km’s! 

The usual pre race nerves were setting in throughout the day but I knew I had put the work in, I knew the course and just needed to get that confidence in my training. 

A shout out to Chris Lloyd for letting me rant about those pre-race nerves and the pep talk before the race began. 

Thankfully the race was local and on a familiar course. For me, this was also my debut race as a Cheshire Dragon which made the night even more exciting. 

When arriving at the course, I saw a few friendly green army faces which definitely put me at ease along with other familiar faces, it was like I had never been away from racing.

It was race time! Race A began of with a flying start, knowing how fast people start this race I knew I had to keep it controlled and not get carried away. Before I knew it, the climbing began, thankfully with all the hills in Helsby this was no trouble and I managed to pick of those struggling one by one. As I made my way around the course, 3km quickly approached … the cheers of Debbie Read which gave me a good spur to get to 4km. 4km was here and the sound from the crowd watching was something I have definitely missed with not racing. It just gives you that last push down the last km. especially with Bernie Jones shouting your name, you know you have to run faster when he is watching! 

Charging down the road as the lactic kicked in, I felt like Dina Asher-Smith (no where near as fast as her and definitely not looking as cool but in my head I was flying) trying to pick off the those ahead of me one by one. As the finish line approached I focussed on that line and pushed everything out of my legs. 

Crossing the line in 17:21 a new PB for me. A greatly organised races on a super quick course. Hopefully there will be more to come over the racing season. 

Thanks to everyone for your support on the night, it makes a massive difference and is something I have really missed. And a massive congratulations to all the other Green Army runners who achieved PB’s and just jumped back into the racing scene. 

Helsby RC photos

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