Helsby weekly round-up 6th – 12th June 2016

Helsby weekly round-up 6th – 12th June 2016

Hi all
Jackie has kindly sent out a comprehensive email with all reminders of up and coming events but Chris Fitz has sent in a message regarding the Tough Team Challenge on Friday. Please see his message below.

Tattenhall Tough Team Race

We are still 1 person short to complete 12 teams, doesn’t matter if its male or female as I can move the teams around to accommodate but this is how its looking at present. If need be we can ask on the night for a spare runner, we have done this in previous years. Pam and Claire, do no fret when you read this as if we get the last person to partake then based on how fast they are will depend if they go onto your team or not.
Feel free to make suggestions if you think I’ve got them wrong pace wise, I’ve gone off past Tough team events and the 10k time trial stats.
I would suggest you try and get there around 6.30pm so you can register and find your team mates all before the race starts at 7.15pm, its £8 to enter, if for whatever reason you can’t make it please let me know I’m on 07736350465, the earlier I know the better, but hopefully that won’t happen, see you all Friday night.
Chris Fitzpatrick, Colin Thompson, Chris Collins
Helen Owens, Jenn Naylor, Roy Gaskill
Rachael Holden, Adele Croxton, Mike Williams
Phil Gillard, Tim Palmer, David Feakes
Jenny O’Hare, Donna Geer, Tanya Meredith
Joanne Lacking, Alison Halsall, Ian Hamling
Emma Barnes, Emily Smith, Debbie Read
Ian Rutherford, Gareth Boyd, Derek Morris
Stephen Wiggins, Geoff Collins, Kate Mann
Rhea Thomas, Lesley Feakes, Jackie Keasley
Clare-Louise Miller, Pam Hankins, ?????????
James Gray, Richard Hankins, David Madders 
Friday evening 17 June 2016 at 7.15pm
Start and finish at Tattenhall Recreation club,
Field Lane, Tattenhall CH3 9QF

  • A multi-terrain race including the infamous railway
  • Open to teams of 3, time based on 3rd finisher
  • Entry per runner £8 affiliated and £10 unaffiliated
  • Entries on the day welcome, entry limit 100 teams
  • Minimum age 17 years. UKA rules apply.
  • Refreshments available in the Rec Club bar

Modest prizes for the following categories

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place team

Winning team in each of 6 categories: ladies, men, mixed,lady vets, veteran men, mixed vets
For a team to qualify as vets all team members must be aged 40+ on race day.
Suitable for entrants on foot only. No MP3 players or other personal audio devices please for everyone’s safety.
UKA licence number pending. Find running information at the Run Britain web-site: www.runbritain.com
Now on to the race news!

Up the Beast

Wednesday saw Helsby runners trying to tame the beast! Over to Laura BH who has sent in this excellent report…
“12 green vests journeyed to Maeshafan for Up the Beast fell race on Wednesday evening. It was a lovely evening to be racing on the hills and runners were rewarded by fab views, scrambling up rock faces and tasty descents. A great evenings racing saw Phil, Adam and new member Craig in the top 10 and 2nd lady for me ( opted for the bottle rose over the pack of wooden pegs – it was a tough call!) Lesson for the evening though is don’t follow a road runner (ahemm Mr Frodsham) but then when you get lost keep following them as they are better at finding their way back onto the route!  Thanks again to Joe and Mario travelling all that way and supporting #felsby.”
7th  Phil Roberts 40.54
8th  Adam Gordon 41.38
10th Craig Todhunter 42.38
30th Chris Murray 48.12
31st Paul Frodsham 48.13
36th  James Higgins 49.11
37th  Laura Baynham-Hughes (2nd Lady) 49.20
38th  Steve Riley 49.42
43th Phil Gillard 50.56
48th  Andy Robinson 51.46
61st  Roy Duffy 54.04
76th Ben Williams 1.00.38
Full results – http://www.wfra.me.uk/ 

Ras Pedol Cwm Pennant

CBH has sent in another brilliant report for the Cwm Pennant fell race. Looked like an excellent race was had by all, a big well done to everyone who raced.
“After 3 weeks of beautiful clear sunshine filled days we arrived in the Cwm Pennant valley to a grey day with low level clouds. The course itself is a bit of a monster; I’d argue it’s the equivalent of running a marathon on the roads and that is reflected in the times… more on that later! The course is also probably the most beautiful of any fell race… when you can see it. The first climb up Moel Hebog reveals the beautiful beaches of the Llyn peninsula (if you dare to look back) and as you summit the whole of Snowdonia suddenly reveals herself before the undulating race route distracts you with the rugged beauty of the Cwm Pennant valley itself. Sadly not on race day though. 
Ras Pedol Cwm Pennant this year was a very special affair; as a British fell counter it mean numbers were swelled by roughly 15 times the previous year. The cream of UK fell running were there yet everybody was clear it would be a tough day in the office. Sadly a number of green vests had to drop out, but Jackie was still there after her fantastic performance at the Highlander MM to represent the ladies and Jim Jones, Phil Roberts and I represented the men (Jim O’s legendary admin let him down as he was too late to get a place).
Race organisation was superb, NFC wrist watch style dibbers were used to ensure everybody went to every check point, maps were provided along with a free buff and soup at the end… plus there was food and a ridiculous selection of cakes on offer for 50p each; Not bad for £10! 
The race was a very sweaty affair; the humidity and temp’ were both high and the sweat just clinged on. Hebog is a monster of a climb, Phil and I both got really stuck into it and summited about the same time (only because Phil turned back in the clag wisely waiting to ensure he didn’t go wrong). Phil and I exchanged the lead several times, but in the end the navigation in the clag and the V3K looming meant Phil was happy to sit and follow my lines… which varied in success! 
For those that haven’t tried to run or navigate when the clag is down it is astonishing how easy it is to get disorientated. At one point I thought I was on a different top, on another I completely missed the left turning and when straight down a direct line instead; there was one chap off to our right heading right and we were heading left along the wall, but I wasn’t confident enough to call him back despite having been up on these tops eight or so times before. Turned out that the line was about even with the official race route so no harm done. 
Once we got past the half way point the lines improved as did the view; snatching glances of the Cwm Pennant valley and the drops either side of the superb bit of ridge. The suicidal drop off from Mynydd Tal-Y-Mignedd went well gaining a good 30 metres (and providing Phil with the chance to laugh in disbelief at the lunacy) and we went on to reel in another 10 runners on the climb to Craig Cwm Silyn (much to their chargrin and my delight). 
All of this leads up to the grand finale. The descent from Garnedd Goch is truly horrible; deep heather and tussocks hide ankle breaking drops and loose rocks. In the previous two years I’ve been destroyed in this section… and it goes on forever. After the Climb to Craig Cwm Silyn I’d become the pied piper. I desperately tried to shake off many of these people in the clag, but they were fast and determined not to lose the person that appeared to know where he was going. I felt a huge responsibility as I wellied down the best trod I could find knowing at some point I’d need to turn right over the horrendous ground. Finally turning right I was astonished to find it ok. I kept expecting the tussocks to swallow me up but got away with it pretty much. Finally emerging from that section to find Laura and the boys along with Helsby’s number 1 cheers squad (Joe and Mario) was terrific. Beyond the call of duty for Joe and Mario to take on the 180 mile round trip – shows just how lucky we are to have them on board, certainly gave me a huge boost. 
The final descent generally leaves people wishing for the final road section, but 1k into the road almost without exception they are regretting what they wished for. Fell runners generally have a total aversion to roads, but 3K+ is a real killer. Thankfully the mornings with Fitzy paid off as I managed to hoover up 6 more places. I did find it slightly bonkers to see people walking, broken from the road – considering what they had just undertaken in the hills it was rather perverse. 
In the end I finished 15 minutes slower than I’d hoped (PB is ~3:02 and I really wanted to break 3 hours) but really chuffed. 3 hours 14, but not even in the top 100 – nothing like a long British counter to put you in your place! The winner got round in an astonishing 2:16… so you can see why I suggest this is the equivalent of running a road marathon. An astonishingly good day out. Loved it.”
Results are not out yet, but Helsby positions wise it was:
Phil Roberts
Jim Jones
Jackie Keasley
Cwm Pennant_resizedRPCP_resizedCP_Phil_resizedSweaty map_resized

Birkenhead Park 5 Mile

I must confess, I thought the Birkenhead 5 mile race had changed location to the Clwydians when I saw Helens Strava profile, especially when I heard how everyone struggled with the 3 laps and “huge” hills. We had tears and tantrums, over to Gaz for his report on this epic race…
“There was a small Helsby contingent at Birkenhead Park 5 mile race on Wednesday consisting of Rachael Holden, Helen Owens, Jo Lacking (who had had all cleverly decided to run a tough track session the night before) and Gaz O’Connor. The course has changed from the previous year and is now 1 short lap followed by 2 larger laps on a predominantly flat course with a slight undulation on each circuit. First home for Helsby was Gaz (30:58) followed by the increasingly stroppy looking trio of Jo (34:08), Helen (38:27) and Rachael (40:18).”
Full results are below. http://tinyurl.com/zr99v9s


Well done to all Helsby runners who ran a parkrun on Saturday and extra kudos to Neil Finegan for a fabulous 1st place finish at Ellesmere Port! Well done mate.
That’s all this week, please let me know if I have missed any reports or results. All reports should be sent to the usual email address – helsby-race-reports@outlook.com

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