Helsby weekly round-up 23rd to 29th November 2015

Helsby weekly round-up 23rd to 29th November 2015

Hello Green Army
I’m the guest blogger this week (SURPRISE) and I’ve picked the perfect week to do it, considering we have 2 of the most important events in the Helsby RC calendar for 2015 (well for me anyway). First and foremost, it’s the Official Helsby RC night out this Friday 4th, now for those members who are virgins to this, this is what you can expect. 7.30pm Helter Skelter, turn up in your xmas jumpers or brand new party frocks and get really drunk, stumble over the road to the Chum, then sing to your hearts content on the karaoke until you’re sick or should I say sick of Wiggo’s voice. It’s as simple as that really, it’s one not to be missed.
Secondly, it’s borders league round 3 on Sunday, in Caernafon. I’m hoping for another great turnout although it’s the furthest we will travel this season, but it’s on a great 10k course. Remember, I’m allowing the “don’t drink 48 hours before the borders league 4.3 rule” to be…well relaxed a little due to the xmas party. Don’t expect me to be so relaxed next time around.
So, I best tell you about some of this week’s races eh!
Parkrun highlights were a 1st Place finish at Widnes for Bish, and good turnouts as per usual at Delamere & Widnes, well done all.

Delamere Parkrun

54 Janet ROBERTSON 23:26 VW45-49 70.70 % F 5 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:36 34  
67 Stephen WIGGINS 24:16 SM20-24 53.16 % M 57 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:58 56  
92 Geoff COLLINS 25:17 VM55-59 62.89 % M 77 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:23 79  
93 Rachel ARNOLD 25:18 VW50-54 68.84 % F 16 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:23:39 25  
101 Louise MCEVELEY 25:30 VW45-49 64.97 % F 21 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:22:34 85  
115 Derek GALLAGHER 26:26 VM60-64 61.73 % M 93 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:49 20  
135 Claire MORTON 27:56 VW55-59 64.80 % F 31 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:26:41 40  
148 Jane ASHBROOK 28:47 VW40-44 53.16 % F 36 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:49 39

Widnes Parkrun

1 Colin BISHOP 18:06 VM55-59 84.90 % M 1 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:14 61  
10 Ian HAMLING 20:04 VM35-39 66.53 % M 10 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:19:57 16  
20 John ROSSITER 21:38 VM60-64 74.81 % M 20 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:17 2  
21 Roy GASKILL 21:53 VM50-54 67.40 % M 21 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:16 16  
35 Michael WILLIAMS 23:37 VM35-39 55.82 % M 32 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:21:54 84  
43 Carl PRATT 24:42 SM30-34 52.50 % M 40 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:20:05 18  
48 Chris HATTON 24:52 VM60-64 66.82 % M 44 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:24:29 13

For full results see below
http://www.parkrun.org.uk/delamere/results/latestresults/ http://www.parkrun.org.uk/widnes/results/latestresults/
Whilst were also on Bish, Jane sent in a report telling us Bish also came first at Pennington Flash 5 mile race on Sunday.

Just thought would let you know Colin did a double this weekend. Firstly a first at Widnes Parkrun on Saturday then a first place at Pennington Flash on Sunday. Pennington flash festival 5 mile multi-terrain started on a slippery muddy field, slippery underfoot and gusting winds across the lake made the already testing course a little more demanding but still enjoyable. Weather conditions certainly not making it easy for PB’s but quite happy with an unofficial time of 30.32. Well marshalled and organised, definitely one to think about next year, great goody bag and mince pies post-race yum yum
This weekend was the British Athletics cross country challenge, a few reports came over for this one, and they’re all that good I’ve included them all

Saturday was the British Athletics Cross Country Challenge in Sefton Park. The Challenge includes five key fixtures across the autumn and winter season as thousands of athletes seek to become Britain’s best cross country athletes with the winners from this final meet being selected for the European Cross Country Championships in France on December 13th 2015. There were U17, U15, U13 & U11 races in the morning session followed by the senior ladies’ and men’s competition (which included the young U23 gazelles) in the afternoon. A record 2300 runners ensured a very well churned up park and race circuit. The day is also part of the Liverpool & District Cross Country Series which is why a small contingent of the #greenarmy were present. As we strolled the length of the park to the start zone, we noticed the bird life were having a great time, instead of being confined to the main lake they were bathing everywhere in the many pools of standing water which had appeared overnight!  The ladies race involving 1 small and 2 large circuits of 8K started first to the sound of race commentary and music which could be heard right across the park so it was easy to tell who was winning the race when some still had the final lap to do. The men’s race followed, this was 10K and included one extra big lap. It was amazing to finish our race and then watch the winners come past for their final lap and an incredible up hill sprint to the finish lines. Thanks to Paul Foster for being there and sorting the registrations, he was unable to run as he was looking after Declan who did seem to enjoy cheering us on although I think the mud kept him happy too!  June Swift was there officiating on the start line and John was there too, thanks for the loud cheer on each lap! Their dog having changed colour from white to brown! The senior/U23 women’s race was an exciting contest with Gemma Steel (Charnwood AC) who also won last year retaining her title. Stockports Ross Millington secured the men’s senior race. Followed by some impressive finishes for the green vests.
Men’s Seniors
1. Ross Millington  33:09
247 Ben Fletcher   39:06
287 Chris B-H 40:17
305 Derek Morris 41:00
382 Chris Murray 43:10
394 Ian Landucci 43:55
574 finishers
Ladies’ Seniors
1. Gemma Steel  27:31
124 Jane Ashbrook 37:04
132 Laura B-H 37:28
199 Jackie Keasley 43:55
291 finishers
From Laura BH
Great afternoon out at the British Athletics Cross Country champs in Liverpool. A big thank you to Paul Foster for organising, sorting the numbers out and supporting us all in the rain. It was very muddy but great fun and great to be in the same race as some of the country’s top runners, not that we saw much of them after lining up on the start line! Would be great to see more Helsby vests next year.
Ladies 8k
1st Gemma steel 27.31
124 Jane Ashbrook 37.04
132 Laura Baynham-Hughes 37.28
199 Jackie Kealsey 43.55
Men 10k
1st Ross Millington 30.09
247 Ben Fletcher 39.06
287 Chris Baynham-Hughes 40.17
305 Derek Morris 41.00
382 Chris Murray 43.10
394 Ian Landucci 43.55
And from Degsy

Saturday seen the hardcore members of the green army who ain’t scared of a bit of mud and rain or them super fast elites take on the cross country at sefton park. Brilliant event where you get to race against (well atleast see for the 1st 100 meters) the best cross country runners from far and wide. After making my way to the wrong tent to get ready ( another green army type flag everyone wants to be green ) I realised my error and found the real green army tent and felt the powers running through me as I donned the green vest. Met Ben,CBH, Chris and Ian at the start line  (heard the Green Army roar from CBH) and then we were off the super speedy guys off like it was a 100m race was amazing to see. Great running from the all the green army on a lovely wet and muddy course and great support from the green army ladies having finished their race. Thanks to Paul Foster for sorting everything and anyone else involved in the day. Loved it!
That’s all folks…Happy running green army!

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