Helsby V Felsby

Helsby V Felsby

Hello Green Army

Just a quick email to gage people’s interests and thoughts about a little club competition I have thought about for a while now, all based around a bit of friendly banter that we have between our brilliant running club members. As most of you know, we have a large section of runners who prefer road races and a large section who prefer the fells and trail races. For those of you on social media you will always see the odd status with us taking the mickey out of one another about whether the road counters should have been classed as a road counters or where they trail races etc etc etc.

So I had a thought. For a good year or so I have been trying to get more of the “Felsby” contingent to come along and do a road race around a glorious industrial estate with us roadies, and they have been trying to get me to come and do more fells races, as it’s out of both of our comfort zones. So I thought, why not have a little club competition over 2 races, 1 road race and 1 fell race, and the best team wins. Simples!

So I asked Jackie and a few others at the club and the response has been good up to now. The aim, not that we need to, will be to drive up numbers at the races that we wouldn’t normally do, and at the same time have a little bit of friendly banter along the way.

Now what I want to know is how many of you want to be involved and which team do you want to bat for? Helsby or Felsby? We will look at the final teams and try and make them fair so we make it competitive as well. So we are looking at the 1st leg being a Borders league race (THESE ARE FREE OF CHARGE, JUST TURN UP IN YOUR GREEN VEST, this is aimed at the Felsby lot that don’t like paying more than a fiver to enter a race, however there is no soup and beer at the end of this race) in Buckley on Sunday 17th April, followed by the 2nd leg at Ysgol Dinas Bran on Weds 4th May.

So what I want to know is are you interested? Yes / No. Which team do you want to bat for? Helsby / Felsby

If you could send me a response asap that would be very much appreciated fitzpatrick_chris@hotmail.com

Thank you and see you all soon


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