Helsby RC weekly round up 4th to 10th November

Helsby RC weekly round up 4th to 10th November

Lots of great reports this week, thanks for sending them in.  But first a quick mention that the Christmas Party will be on Saturday 7th December and will take in the festivities of Ho Ho Helsby!

Guess the Time – Wednesday 6th November
by Phil Gillard

Fifteen hardy souls braved a cold night for the first “guess your time competition” of the winter season. The competition is about being able to judge your pace without the help of technology, all the participants warm up by running to the top of the High School and then do one or two loops of the Matty’s lane / Godscroft lane route. Prior to starting they have to commit to an estimated time and the closest to their time is the winner.

Before going into the results; a big thank you to the marshals and time keepers; John Gallon, Mike Collins, Tim Palmer and Helen Gillard.

It was great to see some of our very new members showing up the experienced runners with some excellent pacing:

Third was Stacey Andrew who was 22 seconds off her predicted time, second was Ben Tumulity who was 16 seconds out, the winner being our very newest member Ste Currie who was came in within the 3 seconds of his estimated time – well done.

The next competition will be mid February.

Well done all, that’s some accurate guess work!

Heaton Park Half-Marathon and 10k – Sunday 10th November
by Susie Woodward-Moor

Flossy wanted to improve on her time for half marathon as the last one she did got her the under 23 club record but was done with me for charity and undersold her ability. So we found the Heaton Park half (we booked it before we knew the Borders dates sorry!) it said good course for a PB which I am not sure I agree with – it was pretty hilly! I was supposed to join her but chickened out and did the 10k instead.
Flossy did four laps (and a bit) I did two. This suited us as we got to know the course and could pace ourselves.
The start timings were staggered so it was a happy coincidence that we met each other right where the course photographer was!
I get the feeling this race is quite new as there were a few teething issues mainly to do with signage but it was otherwise a great event. Lots of people shouting ‘Come on Helsby!’ including the dude on the Leader bike. He must be one of our friends 🙂. I would definitely recommend it, and as as long as it doesn’t clash with next years Borders we will do it again. It was good value for a half marathon. Anyway Flossy smashed her time by 15 minutes so she was delighted. We need to wait and see if she retains the club record!

Lovely photo of you both and well done Flossy on smashing your PB.

Pen Llyn Winter Ultra – Saturday 9th November
by Ste Wiggins

When I entered this race it was a beautiful sunny day around 18 degrees, when it came to running the race it didn’t get above 5 degrees and rained all day but hey! The race starts from Pwllheli golf club and after registration we all braved the elements and stood on the start line, flippers at the ready. I looked at all of the chiselled athletes and then back at myself on the start line mars bar in hand (and yes I’d been to Mcdonalds that morning). We set off in direction of Abersoch and towards Llanbedrog headland a short climb up to the tin man and then back down to the Warren beach whilst running upstream/downstream through puddles and constant mud. Having only fallen over once it was a good start and a good flat section on the beach was ahead.
Sure enough no dramas on the beach and it was time for the cross country section of the course which is full of hills, mud and yes you guessed it rain. Heading away from Abersoch and over to Ty Coch via the Llyn Sailors path I got to practise my breakdancing on the various muddy fields. Ty Coch is the pub on the beach and the main cut off at 18 miles, fortunately we made this in good time and could allow ourselves some hot soup and snacks. Not wanting to get too cold we shot off fairly quickly with the next section being the longest between checkpoints.
A brief change to the rain situation! We where now running into it rather than with it. Heading towards Nant Gwrtheyrn we navigated the coastal paths and moving well with a few little climbs before the biggen itself. Once at the bottom of Nant we dug in as it was a long uphill slog to the top of the road and then to the BT tower off to the left. We made it to the top of the BT tower just about with the cold definitely setting in now. Honesty book page retrieved and sweets conned off the marshal we headed back down the hill to the next check point.
Now totally dark it was the long descent into the checkpoint at another pub, sadly no time for a pint but glad to get warm and get some food ready for the final push onwards to the finish via the roads. We had a time limit for this event of 10 hours and with the total distance ranging from 35 – 39 miles we couldn’t be sure if we would make it. Having run on the road which felt like forever we eventually came to some marshals pointing us up a hill having already done 36 miles and with roughly 20 minutes to the cut off.
A quick slip and slide up and down Pen y Garn hill and we came to a set of steps and then the main road, the race was on! 15 minutes to get back to the golf club. Cold, tired and a general dislike of golf, things where not on my side but running as fast I could down Pwllheli high street (we’ve all been there). Running past homebargains and lidl the signs for the golf club came into view. Another quick sprint and the finish line was in sight but sadly so was the 10 hours. I clocked the race as 37.6 miles with 4454ft of elevation in a time of 10:00:07, in dubious circumstances the text confirming my time said 9:59:59 but hey I’ll take that.

All in all a brilliant race was had at the Pen Llyn Winter Ultra even if it did rain ALL DAY and I didn’t get to sit on a single bench.

Great achievement Ste.  Well done in magically making the 10 hour time limit and on getting up and out the next day to enjoy the sun at Deeside Borders!

Borders League race 2, Deeside – Sunday 10th November
by our very own Borders League exponent, Fitzy
What a fantastic morning to be running a road race. A bright, crisp Remembrance Day morning saw Deeside AC Host a record breaking 446 finishers. This was a short demanding 4.3 mile course, with a big hill, but what goes up must come down. It was great to see 37 of you out with a lot of new and old faces but still a lot of borders league regulars missing, it would be great to see you back on 1st December pretty please.

A big shout out to Hannah Cowley getting the ladies win and course record I believe and Colin Bishop coming home 1st for the men after running in the Warrington Way relays the day before, along with a lot of others as well, amazing commitment, you know who you all are.

Thanks to Jane and Mario for the support and the cakes, apparently someone told me you only turn up for the cakes, I don’t believe that, I know you do it for me.

Full results below. It looks like the men have an uphill battle even this early on in the season to remain in the top flight, whilst i know the women can improve and claw it back to challenge for that top spot.

Next race is 1st December, I believe around Birkenhead park.




And finally my own report for Borders League – Deeside
by Karen “what’s broken now?” Horsley

It was a beautiful morning for a run, autumn sun filtering through the trees and a slight chill in the air, some might say perfect.  The event was well managed and the marshals were so friendly and supportive.  The only downside was the hill… and what a beast of a hill it was.  However, what goes up, as they say, eventually we hit the downhill – alleluia!

I’d like to say I was pleased with my run, and I guess I was, but coming in third from last didn’t exactly give me reason to crack open the bubbly!  Although, thank heavens I wasn’t last!  Having been injured for longer in my running journey, than I’ve actually been not injured I know that I couldn’t have put any more into it, and at the end of the race my leg was extremely sore (to the point that I thought I’d be back on the sofa for the next few days, although thankfully this eased relatively quickly).  But pushing myself that hard and coming third from last, well… it was a litte disappointing.

However, for me, Borders is about more than finishing position, it’s being able to take part, doing my best and being part of a team, and that is actually what’s important.

Well done to the Green Army for a fantastic turnout and some great racing.  I look forward to seeing lots of green vests at race 3 on December 1st.


Please find the consolidated Helsby RC results for last week’s parkrunners, well done to all, as well as those who volunteered on Saturday.


That’s all folks, this blog comes alive through your contributions, so thanks and keep the reports coming.

Email to: helsby-race-reports@outlook.com

Happy running!
Karen 🙂

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