Helsby RC Racing News 15th – 21st June 2015

Helsby RC Racing News 15th – 21st June 2015

Good day to you all! Owens here. I shall get straight on to the juicy bits…
parkrun results
Delamere parkrun
Jim Jones: 20:52
Louise McEveley: 26:10
Mike Searle: 28:26
David Wiggins: 34:19
Paul Bulmer: 34:19
Stephen Wiggins: 34:19

Ellesmere Port parkrun
Ben Williams: 23:09

Warrington parkrun

Carl Pratt: 20:57

Widnes parkrun

Chris Hatton: 25:38
Hotfoot up Moel Famau
On to the “Fellsby” does Hotfoot up Moel Famau. This is a fantastic but pretty brutal short distance fell race, I first “ran” it 3 years ago as my first ever race for Helsby RC (had only ran off road with club once beforehand) and was convinced by one of the father’s from my girls school (Paul Porter, a great Geordie bloke who sadly, due to injury, no longer runs) that “aye lass, it’ll be fine. Road shooos?   Courrsseee yee’ll be alreet”. Suffice to say, the air was blue when I saw him at the finish! I had to toss myself down the first half of the race due to having no grip from my road shoes and then on a death wish up the stone gulley, to see Joe at the top shouting “WAYYY HEYYY!!” is one of my best memories of my Helsby RC racing “career”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t run it last week but there was a great turn out for the Green Army and Adam Gordon has provided a report along with the results…
“Wednesday evening saw a great turnout of fell veterans and newbies from Helsby for Race 3 of the club’s Fell Mini Series, and the second race in the Inter-Club Fell Championship.
At 3.5miles and 1,200 feet of ascent, the race might have been short but it certainly packed a punch (known as the “The Gully”).  A few Helsby contenders emerged a bit bruised and bloodied but generally with big smiles on their faces.  The award for the most spectacular tumble should probably go to Ian Rutherford for his impromptu double somersault on the descent to the finish line, which drew gasps and cheers from onlookers, as he continued virtually without breaking his stride.
This was certainly a challenging introduction to the fells for the newbies with reactions ranging from “absolutely loved it” to “horrid”.  It remains to be seen who is drawn back for the next race of the fell mini-series!
A strong performance by the Green Army on the night means that Helsby are now in a commanding position at the top of the Inter-Club Championship having won the first two races.”

Position Name Time Category
16 Adam Gordon 40.15 M40
20 Philip Roberts 41.06 SM
23 Neil Finegan 41.36 M40
35 Ian Houghton 44.21 M40
52 Steve Riley 47.58 M50
53 Andy Robinson 48.02 M60
56 Phil Gillard 48.18 M50
58 Tim Palmer 48.25 M50
67 Laura Baynham-Hughes 49.2 SF
79 James Gray 51.29 SM
82 Louise McEveley 51.47 F40
85 Ian Rutherford 52.08 M40
87 Neil Hughes 52.28 SM
90 Rachel Arnold 52.34 F50
95 Christopher Murray 53.37 SM
108 Suzanne Fletcher 58.14 SF
110 Jackie Keasley 59.55 F50

H1 H2 H3 H4 H5
Tattenhall Tough Challenge
On Friday was the annual Tattenhall Tough Team, a cracking event that is very popular. It consists of 3 members (can be mixed or same sex teams) who all have to complete the 9 mile route around the roads of Tattenhall, Burwardsley and then on to the Sandstone Trail and the shockingly steep old mining track.   Cracking results from Helsby RC, with Max, Chris Fitz and Colin T steaming in as first team! Well done lads! I bet Colin T still wore his bright orange racers too!   Then first ladies team for Helsby (2nd overall) was June Swift, Alison Halsall and Laura BH. Great running everyone and it is wonderful to see the growth of the club on events like these, as we cater for every speed and ability and support each other. Here is Chris Fitz’s wonderful report of the evening…
“Friday saw the much anticipated Tattenhall Tough Team race, which for those that don’t know is basically a grueling 9 miles on the road, on the trail and of course on “the railway” which is ridiculously steep and is also known for seeing the grim reaper at the top of it.
As we all know Helsby RC is going from strength to strength so seeing the amount of green vest’s take over the clubhouse before the race was amazing. So come race time you would have have chosen a team of similar ability so basically you don’t run off on your other team mates, what’s the point of that? Some teams do do it mind you. I was in a team with Max “downhill princess” Wainwright and Col “El Capitano” Thompson, I was fearing the worst and Max is a beast on the trails and Col, well he’s flying on the tarmac at present, but we decided or I decided to put my foot down and we ran at my pace, which for the first 3 miles on the tarmac was pretty quick, and I was regretting it slightly by the time we hit the trails.
We were neck and neck with another team made up of experienced runners who I recognised from the borders league races, and knowing I always got beat by them, didn’t fill me with confidence, but we were holding our own and got into the woods just ahead of our rivals. We were flying down hill until we came to the famous railway line, now how Thomas ever got his Tank Engine up that hill beats me. I think everyone has a go at trying to run up it but after about 20 steps you are dragging yourself up it whilst your calf’s and back scream out at you, it’s that long you can’t even see the top. Eventually you get to the top where a photographer takes probably what is a horrible photo of yourself blowing out your backside 🙂
Max looked like he had tip toed up to the top and was looking really fresh and ready to go, by now our rivals were flying down the hill and overtook us going into the green fields, where Joe met us with screams of “waaaaaaaaaaaa heyyyyyyyyyyyyy you can do it Helsby!”
I was really struggling to keep up with Max and Colin now and just thought if I could hang on to the back of them and get to the road section then I could possibly catch up, but our rivals were pulling away, luckily a few stile’s slowed them all down, unlike Max who hurdled them, whilst the rivals looked on in amazement at the “downhill princess”. It’s at this point I said to Col just stay with their front 2 runners as their 3rd placed guy was now slowing up, and for the next 2 miles I quietly snuck up on him, to reach about a mile from the finish to finally overtake him, and from then on, I knew we had done it, finally coming around to the finish line with Max and Colin just finishing and clapping me over the line, which for me was by far my proudest moment of my time at Helsby RC.
More green army members started to flood through the finish and big shout out to Laura, June and Alison for coming 2nd ladies team, and Chris “I’m really 45” Baynham-Hughes, Neil and Ivan for coming 1st Vets team. All in all, a good night out for the “Green Army”. Another massive shout out to the usual’s who are unsung heroes of our club, Joe, Nanny McSpruce, Jackie, Chris Igoe and even Adrian coming over from St Helens to cheer us all on, it doesn’t go un-noticed, and I even heard someone saying “you’re taking over the world” … that’s why it’s ace being part of the #greenarmy #fellsby”
Results are here:
Beacon Batch fell race
Jim Jones, who seems to race more fells around the Country than a mountain goat on illegal substances, sends us a report from his race at the Beacon Batch fell…
“I have been working in the South West so looked what was on the fell running calendar for midweek in the area. Found the Beacon Batch fell race starting from near to the village of Burrington on Tuesday night. A five mile race with a climb of only 1000ft to the highest point in the Mendips it was pretty much a sprint all the way round compared to my usual stomping ground of North Wales. Some great views though with the highlight being a herd of wild Exmoor Ponies that kept crossing our line. I finished 26th from 92”- results below:
A raw, alpha male bonding weekend in North Wales was enjoyed by Gaz, Chris BH, Chris Fitz, Max, Phil Roberts and his Dad, Charlie. I have seen many photographs of this weekend and I fear I am scarred for life by the topless sight of a number of them, bathing in a cold Welsh lake. Gaz has written a little report about their loved up Boys on Tour trip…
“Phil Roberts kindly organised a lads weekend away staying in a cabin at the foot of Moel Siabod, just outside Betws y Coed. The plan was for a run out in the morning followed by a BBQ and drinks in the evening.
Five intrepid souls, Phil, Col T, Fitzy, Gaz and Charlie, embarked on the run 2500 foot up Moel Siabod. Despite getting lost, taking an unneeded detour and having to listen to Fitzy do his best impression of a 6 year old on a car trip (“Are we nearly there yet?”) every 2 minutes, all 5 made the summit in one piece. Right on cue the weather picked up, the clouds cleared and we were rewarded with some amazing views of the surrounding parts of Snowdonia.
A quick run down the mountain, or slow run down in Gaz’s case, completed the 9 mile run and it was time for a bath in the local river before hitting the pub and then firing up the BBQ. We were joined later on by Chris Baynham-Hughes and Max Wainwright for a night of drinking and sing-a-long music, courtesy of Phil’s mate Mattie who was a whizz on the guitar….although the less said about the singing from the group, the better!!!
Upcoming events/races
A quick reminder that it is the Penny Lane Striders 10k race on Sunday 28 June, entries are still open.
The family friendly Frodsham Downhill race is on Sunday July 5th and it is great fun for all, a 1 mile downhill race which starts at top of Bellemonte Road and goes all the way down to Castle Park. Entries close on 27 June.
Club Force weekend
Also, this weekend is Club Force weekend again. Last year saw over 100 people volunteer some or all of their time over the weekend to help spruce up the clubhouse and surrounding areas and a fantastic job was done. It would be really great if we could see similar numbers come forward to help again. There are a number of tasks, from painting, joinery and tea making etc that are required and even if you can only offer a couple of hours, it would be appreciated. This is vital to the survival of the clubhouse.
Strimmers , paint brushes , spades , brushes ,buckets , sponges etc will all be helpful. If anyone has a specific job they’d like to see done or suggestions then please contact Stuart.Wilkinson@essar.com or Terenceoneil@aol.com.

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