Gareth Boyd Race Report London Marathon 2012

Gareth Boyd Race Report London Marathon 2012

Well Marathon number 8 is run/completed and whilst I’m doing a bit of a ‘robot walk’ on the whole, 24 hours after the VLM I’m moving ok. 4 weeks ago, even getting fit and ready for the start line was 50 50 (tendonitis) but by doing this radical new thing called ‘stretching’ and having acupuncture (thank you Jane A!), I was able to join my wife at Blackheath. The Harry Hill costume was a real crowd pleaser (see attached) and I’d lost count by the first 6 miles of how many ‘Come On Harry’ shouts I’d heard. Admittedly, I was surprised that a few spectators thought I was the radical chef- Heston B?!  However, the limited vision, warmer than anticipated weather and lack of training miles took its toll and after approx 19 miles, I lost the desire to wave continuously and just wanted to get it over with. Hats off to the ‘real’ fancy dressed runners – the rhinos etc – incredible and many with such fast times – at around mile 21 for instance, I was overtaken by a ‘dog’ called Alfie. A finish time of 4.08.03 was a tad disappointing but at least, a) I had no injury problems during the race, b) I overtook Iwan Thomas and c) I’d beaten my wife (she finished in a pb of 4.26.53).Obviously a BIG shout goes out to Jane A for another GREAT finishing time. Thank you for all the support and once again, a BIG thank you to Helsby Running club for giving me the opportunity to run this amazing event.

 Harry Hill London 2012

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