Dinas bran results – fell counter race 2 may 4th 2011

Dinas bran results – fell counter race 2 may 4th 2011

Hi all

Results for Dinas Bran 4th May, Race 2 of our Fell series are now attached. I’ve been informed they will be placed on the Ysgol Dinas Bran website found here


An impressive showing of 11 green vests (which would roughly amount to 20% of the field) from 51 made sure this was an interesting and competitive race for all involved. Dinas Bran is a fairly robust course with some steep climbs and descents, with great scenery too (if you could spare a few moments to look round), that provided a shorter than usual but still nonetheless challenging route.

On registering I was surprised to find that Prince William was also running, until it turned out that it was in fact Chris Baynham-Hughes and it was only a case of mistaken identity (don’t worry, Chris knows what I’m talking about!). So no opportunities to see Kate or to blag a free helicopter ride home.

However, there were some close battles as can be seen from the results and photos from the night, which can be found at Pete Douglas’s website below. Bonus points awarded to anyone who can find a smiley face after the ascent.


Helsby Positions and times below

8th           Adair Broughton                              34.28
10th         Chris Baynham-Hughes                   34.58
15th         Ian Landucci                                     36.59
19th         Edward Halliwell                              38.32
20th         Steve Riley                                        38.50
29th         Andy Robinson                                  40.37
30th         Phil Gillard                                        40.49
39th         Andy Smith                                        43.05
41st         Chris Hatton                                      44.00
42nd        Rachel Arnold                                    44.00
48th         Jackie Keasley                                   47.00

Congratulations to Jackie Keasley for 1st in her age category!

Cup of Tea or Bottle of Wine or why not both!




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