Wirral MT Results Race 2

Wirral MT Results Race 2


Please find attached the results for the second Wirral Multi-Terrain Race held last Tuesday at Wirral Country Park, Thurstaston. Link shows latest results for Race 2 and also current standings.


A windy prospect on the beach and some long straights of the Wirral Way did not deter the 14 runners as performances below show.

Helsby positions for Race 2 below:

5th Adair Broughton            30:01

38th Ian Landucci                      33:04

56th David Sconce             34:23

58th Edward Halliwell            34:29

67th Steve Riley                 35:10

89th A Berry                36:21

152th   Phil Gillard              51:38

8th Jane Ashbrook            34:47

28th Janet Robertson            39:09

33rd Vanessa Griffiths            39:32

49th Alison Meakin 44:20

53rd Janet Shaw                45:32

57th Betty Grieve              47:23

61st Helen Moss                50:23

Next race is Tuesday night Harrison Drive, North Wirral Coastal Park, Wallasey @ 6.30pm

Will be fantastic to see as many there



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