Wirral MT Race 1 – Royden Park Results

Wirral MT Race 1 – Royden Park Results

Results for the first Wirral MT Race

A rainy day turned into a blue sky for the first of this September’s MT Series Race held at Royden Park.

A great atmosphere saw over 200 runners participate in this woody trail race at Thurstaston which included the highest number of fresh faced and keen Helsby runners for many a year.

Results can be found at the following link


or you could visit Steve’s site at www.stevesaunders.co.uk

Individual and team placings extrapolated below.

Mens Results

14th Adair Broughton            29.45

43rd Ian Landucci                      32.21

45th David Sconce             32.43

71st Ed Halliwell                       34.15

84th Steve Riley                 34.56

99th Geoff Shaw                36.07

113th Albert Berry                37.14

Ladies Results

7th Jane Ashbrook                     34.30

22nd Janet Robertson            38.25

43rd Alison Meakin             43.14

52nd Janet Shaw                45.06

53rd Betty Grieve              45.12

With some solid performances in both camps this placed Mens Team Results of Helsby ‘A’ in 9th place and Helsby ‘B’ in 31st. The ladies team Helsby ‘A’ are in 7th place and Helsby ‘B’ in 21st

Many thanks also to Mario for sorting the finishing sheets and collection of coinage plus support and also to Joe (who was more than thrilled to see the charge of Helsby green vests) as well as the stunning view from the top of the sandstone at Thurstaston.

The next race is on Tuesday evening at 7.00pm with the cost of £1 and is at Station Road, Wirral Country Park, Thurstaston.

Be great to see even more of you there, in what will be an interesting race on trail and on sand.



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