Wirral MT race 1 royden park results

Wirral MT race 1 royden park results

Results out for the first September multi-terrain race at Royden Park

This race was a lap of the field, followed by a trail run through the woods and then over the red rocks and back through the woods, a two lap course. We did have a little rain on the night but considering the possible forecast things weren’t too bad at all. A few hiccups on the night, including bruised arms and stitches but I’m sure everyone enjoyed themselves!

Some photos on the blog courtesy of Mick Charman.

Great support as always from Joe and Mario and Steph.

Full results here


And current standings in age category’s can be found next to the name

Men’s results placing Men’s teams in 14th and 34th place

9th           Adair Broughton               29.28
47th         Ian Landucci                       33.07
83rd        Paul Porter                         35.27
84th         Geoff Shaw                        35.30
100th      Phil Gillard                           36.42
103rd      Adrian Jackson                  36.54
136th      Paul Foster                         40.46

Ladies Results placing their teams in 8th and 21st

14th         Jayne Joy                             37.46
18th         Vanessa Griffiths             38.10
34th         Carol Shaw                          41.05
49th         Betty Grieve                      44.25
56th         Janet Shaw                         45.59

Next race is at Harrison Drive at 7.00pm this Tuesday, mainly a beach race with some trai, for further details please see www.steve saunders.co.uk

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