Virtual 5km relay results

Virtual 5km relay results

After 50 of us running a total of 250km (155 miles) run in 19:09:44, we have the results. First, congratulations to all who ran and particularly those who ran 5km PBs.

The team results are:

  • WinnersQuarry Lane (Adam Gordon, Gareth Boyd, Jason Tate, Phil Mann, Stacey Andrew) in 1:28:09
Virtual Relay – March 2021 – Team Quarry Lane – Winners
  • Runners-up: Pingot Lane (Colin Thompson, Ian Hamling, Julie Briody, Lauren Cooke) in 1:29:34
Virtual Relay – March 2021 – Team Pingot Lane – Runners-Up

The individual results are:

  • Fastest woman: June Whitehead 20:46
    • runner-up: Alison Hallsall 20:58
  • Fastest man: Ray Clark 17:03
    • runner-up: Chris Fitzpatrick 17:06

The age category winners are:

Age CategoryNameTime
FSENJune Whitehead20:46
FV35Rachael Holden22:39
FV40Andrea Tootle22:44
FV45Jane Ashbrook22:52
FV50Alison Halsall20:58
FV50Gill Hill23:10
FV55Nesta Hawker25:29
FV60Lynn Isaacson-Yates31:20
MSENRay Clark17:03
MU20Aidan Larkin30:03
MV35Will Kozer17:55
MV40Chris Fitzpatrick17:06
MV45Adam Gordon18:34
MV50Rob Foster26:49
MV55Ian Landucci21:56
MV65Neil Fergusson24:55
Helsby RC virtual 5km relay results – March 2021

NameTeam nameEvidenceTimeCat.Submitted time
Ray ClarkChester Roadlink17:03MSEN17:00
Chris FitzpatrickTowers Lanelink17:06MV4018:00
Mike FryerCallendar Waylink17:23MSEN17:00
Will KozerManley Roadlink17:55MV3518:00
Adam GordonQuarry Lanelink18:34MV4520:00
Chris DoddChester RoadChris unwell; therefore based off the average of top 25% of runners, as Chris was the representative of that group in his team18:49MV3521:00
Ben TumiltyChapel Lanelink18:53MSEN20:00
Ian HamlingPingot Lanelink19:21MV4021:00
Colin ThompsonPingot Lanelink19:26MV4019:00
Darren O’ConnorTowers Lanelink19:34MV3521:00
Chris LloydCallendar Waylink19:37MV4021:00
Matt LarkinNortons Lanelink19:38MV4520:00
Peter RodriguezBarnhouse Lanelink19:53MV4020:00
Gareth BoydQuarry Lanelink20:13MV4522:00
Jim O’HaraSugar LaneEntered by Tim; information extracted by Fitzy20:15MV4021:00
John WhiteheadSmithy Lanelink20:46MV3520:00
June WhiteheadSugar Lanelink20:46FSEN19:00
Alison HalsallLong Green20:58FV5021:00
Alastair RoughNortons Lanelink21:02MV4025:00
Michael WilliamsSmithy Lanelink21:02MV4023:00
Ian LanducciChapel LaneNone21:56MV5522:00
Kate MannSugar Lanelink22:03FSEN24:00
Phil MannQuarry Lanelink22:04MV5524:00
Rachael HoldenLong Greenlink22:39FV3524:00
Hannah RyanBarnhouse Lanelink22:42FV3524:00
Andrea TootleSmithy Lanelink22:44FV4025:00
Jane AshbrookLong Greenlink22:52FV4524:00
Jason TateQuarry Lanelink22:55MV4025:00
Tim PalmerBarnhouse Lanelink22:57MV5524:00
Gill HillCallendar Waylink23:10FV5027:00
Lee LeptsSugar Lanelink23:26MV4025:00
Lauren CookePingot Lanelink23:41FSEN26:00
Fran KirkwoodChapel Lanelink24:15FSEN25:00
Sandy WilliamsBarnhouse LaneGarmin24:23FV4027:00
FroddyManley RoadHill and SST run with Nick Massey.24:55MV6021:00
Neil FergussonChester RoadStrava24:55MV6527:00
Emma SimpsonTowers Lanelink24:59FV4027:00
Thomas AthertonManley RoadGarmin connect screenshot available if required.25:20MV6026:00
NestaChapel LaneOn Strava25:29FV5529:00
Rachel ArnoldLong Greenlink26:14FV5527:00
Stacey AndrewQuarry Lanelink26:25FV3529:00
Rob FosterSugar Lanelink26:49MV5030:00
Julie BriodyPingot Lanelink27:06FV5030:00
Karen BellManley Roadlink27:38FV4531:00
Geoff CollinsNortons LaneCalculated off 27:06 time for 4.76km supplied28:29MV6024:00
Marion CurrieTowers LaneStrava28:59FV5533:00
Ste CurrieCallendar Waylink29:50MV5534:00
Aidan LarkinNortons Lanelink30:03MU2029:00
Deb HollidaySmithy Lanelink31:12FV5029:00
Lynn Isaacson-YatesChester RoadStrava31:20FV6035:00

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