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Sandstone challenge details

Next event – 12 May 2024
Page updates soon, but for now entries are open on Nifty Events.

The route

Start: Jubilee Park, Whitchurch, Shropshire, GR537415
End: Frodsham Community Centre, Fluin Lane, Frodsham, Cheshire, GR522779


Officially the Sandstone Trail is 34 miles long, but we make it just under 33 miles. There’s about 1,268 metres (4,160 feet) of climbing.

Route description

The Challenge route follows the way-marked trail throughout, apart from avoiding the final road section into the centre of Frodsham. The way-marking uses a yellow footprint and is of a standard comparable with National Trails (ie good but not perfect). The route is also marked on recent editions of the relevant OS Explorer maps. We will not be issuing a detailed route description ourselves, but will produce some brief notes covering a few particular points to look out for. These will be emailed prior to the event and will also be available on the day.  Note that it is perfectly possible to get lost when following the Trail, so you must be capable of navigation with map and compass, and be carrying both (see the conditions of entry).

The best places to find information about the route of the Sandstone Trail are are the Sandstone Trail website and Tony Bowerman’s guidebook ‘Walking Cheshire’s Sandstone Trail’. The route is also shown on recent editions of OS Explorer maps 257 and 267.


£35, including coach travel from Frodsham to the start in Whitchurch and drinks and food at the end. Note that you must enter in advance – there will be no entries on the day.


Entries will be limited to a maximum of 250, with a maximum of 150 of these being runners. Runner places tend to go more quickly, so we recommend that you enter early.


Registration will be from 06:30 to 07:00 at Frodsham Community Centre. At 07:15 sharp coaches will leave Frodsham to take everyone to the start in Whitchurch. The coaches will drop everyone off at Tesco  in Whitchurch from where it is  a few minutes’ walk to the start. The event starts at 08:30 or thereabouts, depending on when everyone gets there. You then have to get back to Frodsham by 18:30, ie within the 10 hour time limit. We will be able to transport small bags back to Frodsham from the start eg for runners who don’t want to change into their running shoes until the last moment. We can’t do this with big kitbags or sacks though, and we can’t carry valuables. Please label bags clearly with your name.


There will be five intermediate checkpoints, each of which will be manned by volunteer marshals. They will all provide drinks, and snack food. Checkpoint locations are expected to be:

  1. CP1: Lay-by at Bickleywood near No Man’s Heath, GR 523480
  2. CP2: Bickerton, just before the A534, at a minor road junction, GR 513537
  3. CP3: Horsley Lane below Peckforton Castle, where the Trail emerges from the woods, GR 534583
  4. CP4: Roadside by Rock Farm, Willington, GR 536662
  5. CP5: Roadside at Manley Common, GR 520719

Any changes to these arrangements will be included in the briefing notes emailed prior to the event.

Frodsham Community Centre

The community centre’s postcode is WA6 7QN. There should be enough car parking space in the grounds, so please don’t park in the street outside unless directed there by marshals. If you can, please share lifts to the start. Registration will be inside the community centre in the Main Hall, and those without cars can leave bags in the hall, although this will be at your own risk: no valuables please. There are plenty of toilets at the centre so please make the most of them to reduce delay on arrival in Whitchurch.

When you eventually arrive back at Frodsham check in at the finish desk, and you should then be able to collapse in a chair while we print your certificate. Hot drinks, and a simple meal will be available as soon as you are up to facing them. We haven’t finalised what will be provided, but it will be along the lines of soup, sandwiches and cakes. And as much tea as you can drink.

Entry Options

Age 14 & over on Sat 14 May 2023
Entries open 1 Feb 2023 at 08:00 on the Nifty website
Runners and Walkers £35.00.

Have a great day.

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