Virtual 5k race

Virtual 5k race

Here are details of the virtual 5k race that will run during the COVID-19 shutdown. It is the weekly Helsby RC challenge from Tuesday 5 May to Monday 11 May, and then carry on for as long as there is interest. It is open to all, not just Helsby Running Club members. However, the results for the weekly challenge will be filtered to just Helsby members.

The winner will be based on the highest age-graded time calculated on the World Master Athletics factors As an example, if a 25 year old woman runs a 5k in 20:00, the equivalent performances are 19:00 for a 43 year old man, 25:45 for 62 year old woman, 22:00 for 62 year old man and 20:02 for a 32 year old woman.

The results will be updated every few days and be available here: Virtual 5k results

To take part, run 5 kilometres (3.11 miles) as a separate run (or as part of a longer run) obeying the appropriate government guidance about social distancing. Then, enter the details including your age in the form below:


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