Three peaks challenge record

So… after much deliberation i decided i needed to muscle in on this 3 peak challenge business to see for myself what the deal is.

With Adair (probably reluctantly) roped in as navi we set off from the top of helsby hill at a ridiculously early hour on what should have been a restful day off from work. Fortunately the weather was in favour, no rain always a bonus! I will confess it did cross my mind that having never run such a distance in one go this could prove to be a tad hard going. Now on reflection i should have perhaps contemplated this fact in a bit more depth but i guess ignorance is bliss!

Helsby to frodsham 27 minutes… not too bad and almost getting into things by this point and enjoying being out. Then on to Eddisbury. Fortunately made for a pretty long but straight route through with the help of some ramblers, and was cockily feeling strong… until the climb (yep that hurt!). Landed at Eddisbury 1hour 25 mins in.

After persuasion to refuel (a new experience for me having always been an hour long runner!) we made back for the last of the peaks..homeward bound. I wont lie-this was the toughest part of the whole run-not just for the cattle hearding component, angry farmers, or for the little dip into the hip deep bog (slightly off track?!) but because my body decided to fall out with me begging the question ‘what on earth are you doing?!’. I now can fully appreciate the true meaning of the phrase ‘dig in’!!!

The pain of the last mile i think will stay with me for some time yet, but that last push was worth it-Helsby Hill-2hours 29 minutes 28 seconds. New lady record!!! – and hats off to the men, and ofcourse ladies, who have gone before me. One hell of a tough run but thoroughly enjoyable (i can say that confidently now the pain is begining to subside?!). I may not hold the record for long but for today i can feel pretty good about the whole experience!



  1. Great effort, and what Jayne fails to mention is that I made a couple of route errors, a few minutes apiece, plus we had to wait for some errant cows to cross a road as they had blocked off the Sandstone trail and farmer had closed a gate, another few minutes there, so Jayne would have been 2.25 comfortably. Also, If the run was 16 miles or so, (her GPS said 17), then I think there is still at least a mile to be taken off somewhere or other.

    As you say Ian, excellent effort!


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