Stockport 10 Race Results and Report

Stockport 10 Race Results and Report

Hi all

Many thanks to Ivan for his excellent race report for the Stockport 10 at the weekend.

Two Helsby runners, Ivan and Dave donned the green vest and braved the cold weather for the Stockport 10. The entry sheet said the 1000 limit had been reached but it looked like a few runners drew back the curtains and decided to go back to bed, as only 680 seemed to have completed the race.

The course is a mixture of track, road and some off road over a testing 10 miles, including 2 hills at 5.5 and 8 miles which were real leg killers. It was a shame that it clashed with the border league event as it is a very well organised event, well marshalled and has the added bonus of  the finish being on a synthetic track with a great announcer on the mic entering the “stadium” for the final last lap of the track…you almost feel like a pro !!!

Despite the icy conditions underfoot the race got underway on time with two laps of the running track before heading out on the roads. Conditions were very slippery underfoot, but the times don’t seem to have suffered too much.

The winner had apparently been in Kenya for the last 6 weeks training at altitude; looks like it paid off !!!

This bit is taken straight from the Stockport harriers home page…

“It also appears that a new world record was set at this year’s race. The record was set by Lee Riley, who covered the ten-mile distance in 73:10 carrying a 40lb backpack. Lee, who spent ten years in the armed forces, is aiming to run the London marathon in under four hours carrying his backpack to set another world record and to raise funds for The Soldiers’ Charity”

I (Ivan) passed Lee at about 4 miles and couldn’t believe what I saw…his rucksack was massive and he was really shifting!!


Positions and times below for Ivan and Dave

110th  Ivan Davies             1:08:25

288th  David Madders        1:17:48

So if anyone else participates in other races then please let us know! It’s really good to receive race reports like this.


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