Road Counter 2 – Whitley 10k Results

Road Counter 2 – Whitley 10k Results

A misty start to the morning with a blue sky acting as the perfect ceiling to Spring welcomed the Helsby runners embarking on the country lanes of Whitley on Sunday morning.

Results are already out and available on Spectrums website.

Great support from Joe as always and thanks to Phil Gillard for popping up in various places on his bike. Really helped at the end!

Helsby runners as follows

18th        Adair Broughton    36.43

102nd     Geoff Shaw           43.27

151st      David Feakes        46.33

213th      Carol Shaw           49.40

230th      Jackie Keasley     50.10

288th      Lesley Feakes      53.37

291st      Liz Dobson           53.42

323rd      Janet Shaw          55.51

Enjoy your running



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