Rainow 5 fell race

Rainow 5 fell race

A hearteningly strong showing from the green vests over at Rainow last night (a lovely village just outside Macclesfield, home to two ex members of New Order, the new Chancellor of the Exchequer and a Stone Rose, it says here).

A shortish race (5 miles), without too much climbing (750′), this is a fairly beginner-friendly event. Or depending on your perspective, short enough to make you feel obliged to really, really try. And consequently get really, really tired. Anyway, there were some good performances on a perfect evening for running, with Jane notably taking 3 minutes off last year and coming home with a prize, and Adair knocking a staggering 2 mins off last year, from what was already a good baseline.

Quite an undulating course with one short sharp grind up to the folly of White Nancy (built to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo, but this time witnessing a more friendly form of conflict).

Back in the second tier for the men, there was a veritable log-jam of green vests, with 4 of us battling away and finishing within about 10 places and another shortly behind. Strong support from Joe for all, poor bloke didn’t know who to cheer for hardest!

Running last night were:

13. Adair Broughton, 36m 20

37. Chris Baynham-Hughes, 40m 06

41. Steve Riley, 40m 44

43. Jim O’Hara, 41m

46. Ian Landucci, 41m 20

53. Jane Ashbrook, 42m 23

85. Chris Hatton, 46m 22

117. Andy Smith, 52m 54

132. Robbie Webster, 59m 31

Full results on the Macc site http://www.mh.k313.com/mh/index.php.

Pencil it in for next year if you fancy it – if you can do a Wednesday club hill run, you can do this.



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