Ponderosa fell race

Ponderosa fell race

Terrific turn out of green vests last night at a very damp Ponderosa event. For anyone that doesn’t know it, this is a shortish friendly event starting from the Ponderosa Cafe at the top of the Horseshoe Pass.

The rain was falling pretty much till the start and the tops were invisible. Navigation however, was always going to be pretty straightforward with only a couple of turns to think about, all marshalled or taped. Besides which, for all of us except perhaps Adair, there’s always someone to follow. I know that new folk are often put off fell racing by the thought of getting lost. Don’t be. Just turn up and have a go, you’ll be fine (just don’t make the mistake of being first!).

With the lure of a few club counter points boosting the Helsby turnout, the race was well attended with 132 (I think) runners out there, most of whom finished with a smile on their face. There were a few well fought battles out on the course, both within the club and with other competitors.

Congrats to everyone: Adair, Mario, Steve, Ian L, Jane, Jackie, Andys S & T, Mitchells R & B, other Steve, Phil. And of course 12th man Joe for his ever-vocal support …hope I’ve not forgotten anyone.

Considering the race starts with a heartbreaking climb up the access track to the aerials and finishes with a heartbreaking slog up slow, muddy trails with leaden legs, I’m still at a loss as to why we do it. Other than because it’s great, and probably defies explanation. Try it, you’ll see.

Results here.



  1. Helsby positions, from Adair…

    19 29:45:00 Adair Broughton
    38 32:42:00 Steve Riley
    43 33:10:00 Ian Landucol
    60 35:36:00 Jane Ashbrook
    69 37:03:00 Phil Gillard
    84 39:32:00 Stephen McCue
    95 41:13:00 Andy Todd
    97 41:30:00 Beverley Mitchell
    98 41:31:00 Richard Mitchell
    114 44:11:00 Andy Smith
    120 45:47:00 Jackie Keasley
    121 45:56:00 Robbie Webster

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