Old Pale Club Championship Race

Old Pale Club Championship Race

The results for the second race in the 2021 Helsby Running Club Championship are below. The overall standings have been updated – an Excel spreadsheet is available here. Below the results is a report from Hannah Cowley and some photos.

PosOverall timeSplit time – lap 1NameAge Cat
10:25:340:12:39Greg ColeMSEN
20:26:120:13:09Colin ThompsonMV40
30:27:280:13:46Darren HumesMV35
40:27:490:14:10Hannah CowleyFSEN
50:28:020:13:49Benjamin TumiltyMSEN
60:28:330:14:22Peter RodriguezMV40
70:29:380:15:08Edward HalliwellMV45
80:29:480:14:53Richard PiggottMV40
90:30:520:15:07John WhiteheadMV35
100:32:060:16:09Matty ClementsMV45
110:32:290:17:09Jane AshbrookFV45
120:32:380:17:09Nick MasseyMV50
130:32:390:16:32Ian LanducciMV55
140:32:540:16:30Steven PlesterMV35
150:32:550:16:33Stephen RoachMV40
160:34:240:17:41Sandy WilliamsFV40
170:34:260:17:39Frances KirkwoodFSEN
180:36:020:17:57Kathryn SchofieldFSEN
190:36:210:18:24Debbie ReadFV60
200:36:590:18:42Janet RobertsonFV55
210:37:090:18:52Neil FergussonMV65
220:37:190:18:52Rachel ArnoldFV55
230:39:420:19:34Mollie StradlingFSEN
240:41:570:21:46Jackie KeasleyFV60
250:44:590:20:57Aidan LarkinMSEN
260:45:200:22:20Sarah Larkin


Hannah Cowley

It’s a Wednesday evening and thankfully the rain had disappeared and the sun made an appearance as the green army descended onto Delamere Forest to complete their second club championship race. 

As we all waiting in anticipation of receiving our race instructions from Fitzy, the nerves of what we were about to encounter became reality! 

Before we knew it we were on the start line with Tim counting us down … and then we were off! The green army attacked the start of the old pale, only for the climb to begin, getting steeper and steeper. As we approached the top, the legs started to get heavy but thankfully before any real pain could come into effect, we hit the top of the old pale and had a long downhill run which only lulled us into a false sense of security as we approached the bottom of the hill only to remember we had to go back up! 

Before we knew it, we were back onto the second climb of the Old Pale, as soon as the climbs began the legs went heavy and the lungs set on fire … stopping would only make the pain worse! Pushing higher and harder, head down not daring to look up to see how much more we had to climb. We made it to the top again and we’re welcomed with words of encouragement from Fitzy who was the photographer for the evening. The downhill was here again, normally a welcomed sight for runners however with tired legs – downhill is not so fun or easy. As we approached the last corner another spur of encouragement from Denise really gave us the kick we needed to push to the finish line. 

Giving everything possible, literally emptying the tank of energy the finish line was crossed and it was done, challenge completed! 

Thanks to the organisation team for the support and planning of the race, thanks Fitzy for putting us through hell up that hill not once, but twice!! And thanks to Denise for the encouragement on the last corner of both laps. Without you guys, we wouldn’t have been able to survive and defeat the Old Pale.  

Great run and even greater company. Well done green army, a great effort all round! 

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