Memories of winter runs with the girls

Memories of winter runs with the girls

Joe Beswick

Club mainstay Joe penned these lines about winter running for us some time ago. Very appropriate for the season…

I always dread those winter nights when the hour ‘goes back’ again, the thoughts of weeks of darkness, of cold and wind and rain.

Wednesday 6:30 prompt the call we hear once more — to Trafford, Ince or Frodsham — the roads are such a bore.

However to create more interest we added Friday night and some turned out Sunday morning for one run ‘in the light’.

When we assemble at the club house for the midweek run, we usually have a good turnout and a bit of fun.

Which way, which way are we going someone shouts as we emerge, turn left and we’ll go to Frodsham, along pavement with wide grass verge.

There’s lots of idle chatter during the first half mile or so, but voices start to fade now as on and on we go.

It’s quite a mixture of running gear with track suits and lycra tights, shining like Labrador’s coats in the soft street lights.

Some decide to go back from the Netherton Arms, a sensible choice it seems, no good ‘flogging yourself to death’ and spoiling future dreams.

Some of us go on a bit, run into Frodsham Town, go up and round Kingsway’s testing slope, then Howey Lane come down.

We eventually get back to Helsby with just a mile to go, the pace is hotting up now — I could have told you so.

The last short stretch is one mad dash right to the final bend, to include a bit of speedwork all helps us in the end.

And as we finally gather, before departing for near and far, I look around at the tired but satisfied faces and think what a great bunch they are.


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