Joe’s Olympic torch run May 31st – details and route

Joe’s Olympic torch run May 31st – details and route

Hopefully by now you all know we are nearing a very special occasion for the club as a whole and more importantly for a very special individual in our club and community. I’m talking Joe’s Olympic torch run in Macclesfield on Thursday May 31st.
Mike Searle has forwarded to me the official information on Joe Beswick which is now on the Olympic website including original nomination information, details of their route, profile of each torchbearer etc
Here’s the link to Joe’s page:
This is a great honour for Joe and I know many of you are going to be sharing this moment with him. Finally we will be able to cheer Joe in for a change! It will be great to see as many people as possible support Joe on his day.
Exact street details have now been provided and I have attached a scan of Joe’s route as a PDF file  
Joes Route:
From : Oxford Road (A5088) near Edward Street to Chester Road (A537) near Macclesfield Day Nursery (BEST BETWEEN THESE TWO POINTS). Please see highlighted line on pdf file. Interestingly Joe’s route goes past Beswick Street!
According to route information, Joe’s Olympic Leg will be at roughly 9.50am, which hopefully gives everyone time to drive to Macclesfield on that day. Not as early a start for us as it will be for Joe but recommended leaving time from the club will be just after 7.00am. The attached map shows some options for parking but unfortunately I don’t know Macclesfield well enough to state which is the best one in particular. However, for those wishing to car share I suggest we meet at the Helsby Club to depart for 7.15am at the latest. This will give us enough time to get to Macclesfield and arrange a good location to see Joe.
For those who want to make an extended day of it and not going back to work that day, we have decided it might be a nice idea to have a walk or social run near Macclesfield after Joe has finished his Olympic torch bearing duties and then after this head to a local pub for a social bite.
The run will be a sociable one, some canal towpaths and up Teggs Nose and back, all welcome. If you don’t fancy a run why not go on a nice walk instead before the meal.
Everybody is welcome whether you fancy a walk instead of a run and we’ll be keeping it very informal anyway. I’d suggest meeting for the walk/run at 10.30am then meet at a local pub between 12 and half past. 
The pub’s called the Church House.
Address is Church House, Church Lane, Sutton Lane Ends, SK11 0DS.  Grid
ref 931712.
They serve food 12-2, at reasonable prices.
It’s a proper pub, not a restaurant pretending to be a pub.  Friendly too.
They let dogs in. 
Please make a note in your diaries THURSDAY MAY 31st about 9.45am and if you have any questions just ask!
The A537, B5088 & A536 will be closed from approx 8:35, so there’s going to be chaos for anyone trying to get into Macc from the  west after 8:30.  Best bet is perhaps for all of us to aim to get there for 8, park up in a car park on the east side of town, & walk to where  Joe’s going to be brandishing the torch.  At least we’ll be able to get out of town once he’s finished his bit then. (Info from Andy Robinson – Thanks for the heads up)
Joe showed us at Monday night track a wonderful T-Shirt given to him by his grandaughter/daughter
Attached is a link on ebay where you could purchase something similar, and could put Joe’s name on it if required


  1. Hi all, Alison here..Joe’s daughter.It was i that sent for the t-shirt.I sent a link to Adair, if i remember correctly so hopefully it worked.Looking forward to seeing you the end of the Month.Bye for now.Love

  2. Valarie Ball

    Hi Joe, wish we could be there with you this morning but I am thinking about you as I sit here in Spain writing this through tears of pure happiness for you to be carrying the flame. Frank and I are so proud of you and wish you all the very best. Xx Valarie

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