Helsby’s Ironmen

Helsby’s Ironmen

Hi everyone

I think that it has probably escaped most club members notice but we have amongst our number, 2 pioneering athletes who have competed in and successfully completed (in very impressive times) what is arguably the most arduous event in the calendar.

Many club members will have completed a marathon who I’m sure like me, feel that 26.2 miles of non-stop running is more than enough effort for a single event.

Well how about swimming 2.4 miles (in open water, not a warm, calm swimming pool), immediately followed by 112 miles on the bike before you even lace up your running shoes to tackle the 26.2 – a total of 140.6 miles consecutively and continuously.

That’s the Ironman triathlon for you. To my knowledge, no club member has ever attempted, yet alone successfully achieved this fantastic goal and now we have 2 in our midst.

On Sunday 18th September at the Challenge Henley Ironman event, Ivan Davies and Dave Madders came, saw and conquered! Their build-up and preparation has only taken 9 months and now they can officially be awarded the moniker ‘ Ironman’. So a huge WELL DONE to them both, hopefully, once they’ve replaced the 75,000 calories that they burned up during the race, they’ll be back down at the club very soon to regale us with their tales of getting kicked in the face during the swim, what it feels like to be exhausted at mile 112 on the bike still knowing that there’s 26.2 miles to run and how on earth you manage to fuel up (yet alone attend to natures necessary bodily functions!) during an event of that length! I’m looking forward to the stories!



Ivan Davies: 13 hours, 19 minutes, 12 seconds

Dave Madders: 14 hours, 21 minutes, 27 seconds

Photos will be posted here soon:


I’m sure if anyone fancies having a crack at the event themselves next year, Dave & Ivan would be only too pleased to pass on a few tips!

Well done guys – amazing!

Best wishes

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