Helsby’s Dave Madders 1st at Cheshire (Delamere) Half Marathon!

Helsby’s Dave Madders 1st at Cheshire (Delamere) Half Marathon!

Well done to Dave Madders for a great run in the 3rd Cheshire (Delamere) Half Marathon at the weekend.

and in his words…

“I attach as promised a surprising photo of me holding a running trophy and I didn’t steal it or kick anyone to deserve it! 
A friend invited me to join him in the 3rd Cheshire (Delamere)  Half Marathon a little known event with around 50 entrants half running and half walking around the pathways and trails of Delamere Forest all in aid of parkinsons disease.

I had promised my friend that I’d take it easy and run with him but when the gun went and only a dozen or so looked like they were going to compete for the top three male prizes on offer, the competitive streak came out! I ran half a mile with my mate and only seven or eight runners were in front so terribly I said bye and left him for the dots in the distance. The scenery was superb and the weather absolutely ideal for running. The organisation was superb with every turn being easily signposted. The route consisted of two laps of the forest and by the end of lap 1 I thought I was in fourth place, outside the prizes but not catching the leaders, but then at the drinks station an organisor said good going Dave your in third! Had he got it wrong or had I?….

I spent the next 45 mins busting a gut in case I was in third , I didn’t want to be overtaken but also I could be in fourth so I needed to put it in and try and get another place. For 6 1/2 miles I saw no one and cursed those numerous other runners who were out having a run but weren’t in the race as every time I saw someone running I put in a ridiculous 1/2 mile ‘sprint’ and I limped across the line in just over 1.40 not knowing how I’d done when the organiser handed me water and asked if I’d mind sticking around for the prize giving. I’d done it I’d got my first ever ( and hopefully not last ) running trophy! 

Running round delamere with the promise of coffee and cake after the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning 
Dave Madders”

Big congratulations are in order for the run and thanks for the free advertising for Helsby too!

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