Helsby weekly round-up 18th – 23rd June 2014

Helsby weekly round-up 18th – 23rd June 2014

Hi all
Lots of running again last week.
Wednesday 18th June was the Hot Foot up Famau, a Clwydian Hills race that takes in the infamous stone gulley heading to the summit of Moel Famau. Race report and results are now up on the Welsh Fell Runner website with links to them below. Helsby put on a good show with ten out on the night and special thanks to Joe and Mario who helped to marshal.
19th      Colin Thompson                      45.44
34th      Tom DeJong                           49.27
42nd     Steve Riley                             50.23
46th      Jane Ashbrook                        50.43
49th      Tim Palmer                             51.25
59th      Jim Higgins                             52.58
64th      Adrian Jackson                       54.41
74th      Paul Foster                              56.53
87th      Catherine Lancaster               66.00
88th      David Hilton                            69.11
Also on the 18th June was the Langstrath race in the Lake District where in-form Jim O’Hara ran a blinder for 15th overall in 46.48
15th      Jim O’Hara                             46.48
Results and information here
Thursday night 19th June saw the second Dunham Massey 5k of this year’s series with two out for Helsby.
145th    John Thompson                      22.36
204th    Donna Geer                            27.39
Friday night was the ever popular Tattenhall Tough Team race and a good showing of the green vest highlighted once again our strength in depth. Paul Frodsham was on the prize-winners list as part of the ‘Up a Creek with No Paddle’ team. The first full team in for Helsby were the Green Army consisting of Chris, Jim and Tom. Well done guys! (Not every runner from Helsby)
7th        Up a Creek with no Paddle     (P. Frodsham, Iain Wedge, Craig Todnunter)
8th        Green Army                           (Chris, Jim, Tom)
20th      Mad For It                               (Ivan Davies, David Madders, Mike Searle)
22nd     Green Gals                             (Joanne, Alison Halsall, Jane Ashbrook)
24th      Strider Boys                            (Tim Palmer, Adrian Jackson, Dave Feakes)
28th      The Green Milers                    (Mario Foschi, Paul Foster, Roy Gaskill)
37th      Helsby Over the Hill                (Vanessa Griffiths, Louise McEveley, Lesley Feakes)
39th      Aim High                                 (Steve Stanaway, Colin Thompson, Janet Robertson)
46th      The Sandstone Trailers           (Graham Lloyd, Andy Robinson, Ben Williams)
53rd      Hel’s Belles                             (Helen Owens, Shan McCarthy, Jen O’Hare)
Full results can be found on the Tattenhall website as below.
Photo below courtesy of Andy Blair, EPRC

Some of the Helsby TTT Runners
Some of the Helsby TTT Runners

Saturday morning saw no runners at the Delamere Park 5k but Colin Thompson hit the podium for 3rd overall at the Warrington Park Run 5k

3 Colin THOMPSON 18:09 VM35-39 72.64 % M 3 Helsby RC PB stays at 00:17:54 39

Saturday afternoon was the Lymm 5k and many thanks to Andy Smith for his great race report as below
“Another week, another 5km road race. After a cool morning on Saturday, the sun came out for the Lymm 5km road race, and with it the temperature soared. Never a quick course due to the climb back up to the village after the initial speedy descent down the A56 to the aquaduct under the Bridgewater Canal, the heat put paid to anyones hopes of a PB. This didn’t deter Dave Madders – still fresh from the Tattenhall Tough Team the previous evening, which he’d obviously just been using as a warm up – from a very strong run to lead the Helsby contingent home, with several other TTT survivors also out to prove that they were also game for a testing run. Well done to the green vests.
 50th         Dave Madders                      21.05
71st         Andy Smith                           21.40
92nd        Janet Robertson                   22.44
99th         John Thompson                    23.05
116th       Louise McEveley                  24.41
150th       Donna Geer                          28.36
Full results available here
In other news
For those who didn’t hear about Jayne’s second great run for England there is an Article on England Athletics webpage showing Jayne’s recent England performance below.
Chris Baynham-Hughes was recently in the Lakes supporting Steve Birkinshaw in his Wainrights record. Pretty amazing stuff, see Chris’s words on the endeavor below
“I just got back from spending 24 hours supporting what is the single most mind boggling physical and mental challenge, record and exercise in sleep deprivation I’ve ever come across. What Steve Birkinshaw will achieve is just utterly incredible and it was my honour and privilege to share a few of those tops with him. I know Steve from a previous race and when I first heard he was attempting this I took some time to try and get my head around it. A Joss Naylor Record of such magnitude. I failed. However I knew I wanted to offer my support out on the fells in whatever small way I could.
I knew I could carry and run support like I would for a 24 hour round, but I also felt given my experience on the Dragon’s Back that I felt I would understand, at least in a small way the physical pain and emotions he was experiencing, just how difficult it was to continue, but more so how difficult it was to stop and that I might be able to help in a low point or maintain a high point. Following the first 15 minutes of leaving Dockray on Wednesday night I had no doubt he would finish; spirit intact.
Reflecting over the previous 24 hours, whilst scoffing my fish and chips in Keswick, I felt very humbled by what I had seen, in places I’d seen the human spirit at its most bare; I watched a reluctant hero almost brought to a standstill, not by the formidable tops or terrain, sleep deprivation, raw exposed feet or chronic tendonitis, but through incredulity that schools were holding assemblies about him blissfully unaware of the enormity of how this activity (a niche within a niche) was inspiring children hundreds of miles away.
That time in the mountains witnessing history was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It was an honour to tread the fells with him, Steve Birkinshaw, Fell running legend.
I urge everybody to read the blog and to check out the links to the sites to donate to what is a personal cause for Steve. You can find it here: http://stevebirkinshaw-wainwright2014.blogspot.co.uk/
As always
Keep on running and enjoy the handicap and awards night
PS I’ll now be away for a week and will have to miss doing the round-up for next weekend so if anyone would like the opportunity to do it then please let me know!


  1. ianland

    I’ve just read Steve Birkinshaw’s Wainwright blog. Unbelievable! he covered 321 miles in under 7 days and this included a total ascent equivalent to running up Everest more than 4 times. I felt warn out just following the google earth route he put on the blog.

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