Helsby runners results

Helsby runners results

Hi all

Well what a day that was and what a good feeling to be able to send out results with so many names on!

Don’t really need to describe the weather though…, a bit windy should do it, but it didn’t seem to deter many of the Helsby contingent producing great times in the conditions. I know it was Jayne’s , Adrian’s and Hannah’s first foray into the half marathon so hearty congratulations for them producing very impressive times to now build on. Dave Feakes, wearing the elegant number 50, isn’t convincing anyone that he reached that category today, not with the PB he secured! Well done also to Jane Ashbrook for a 2nd place in her category.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to speak to everyone today so if there any more PB’s out there or tales to tell please let me know and I’ll get this report updated for the blog. Photo links on other blog reports or twitter/runhelsby

And I should really reiterate what so many people have said today, that it’s with lots of hard work from many individuals, and some in particular, that the Helsby half is continually so successful. It’s a real honour to be part of a club that has people with so much commitment, drive and energy and I think the enthusiasm now evident at the club is clear for all to see.

Great support round the course too

Results for the Historic Helsby Half 2012 below


Individual results for Helsby runners extracted below (if I’ve missed anyone please let me know!). I’ve used gun position and time for this so check your chip times as they’ll be quicker!

24th         Adair Broughton               1.17.49
144th      Ian Landucci                       1.28.26
153rd      Chris Baynham-Hughes 1.28.52
191st       Jim O’Hara                          1.30.22
231st       Jane Ashbrook                  1.31.51  (2nd in age category!)
269th      Ivan Davies                         1.33.06
289th      Jayne Joy                             1.34.03
307th      Ed Halliwell                         1.34.33
311th      Paul Porter                         1.34.37
332nd      Gareth Boyd                      1.35.43
336th      Alex Fitzmaurice               1.35.49
404th      Steve Riley                          1.37.49
445th      Dave Feakes                      1.38.54
460th      Geoff Shaw                        1.39.03
462nd      Adrian Jackson                  1.39.04
560th      Carol Shaw                          1.41.32
624th      Albert Berry                       1.43.35
670th      Hannah Hughes                1.44.49
793rd      Lesley Feakes                    1.48.05
958th      Chris Igoe                            1.52.47
969th      Dave Madders                  1.53.00
996th      John Thompson                1.53.55
1000th    Alison Meakin                   1.53.57
1184th    Nesta Hawker                   1.59.55
1224th    Betty Grieve                      2.01.27
1275th    Liz Dobson                          2.03.39
1423       Peter Causton                   2.11.07
1426th    Kay Pirali                              2.11.15
1487th    Ivor Johnstone                  2.15.49
1622nd   Kevin Bell                            4.04.28
However, the highlight and performance of the day surely goes to Kevin Bell for completing what is a record breaking 31st Helsby Half marathon in 4 hours 4min and 28 seconds. Kevin was determined to finish and shows not just what this race can mean to individuals but also acts as testament to their character. I think this in itself puts a great perspective on all our performances on the day. I’ve also been informed that Kevin’s wife may well be bringing along his collection of medals one night after a Wednesday run which will be great to see.

Keep on running



  1. Andy

    Of course, Adair is too modest to mention that not only did he score a PB himself in what must have been quite testing conditions, but also went on to win the First Local trophy for a second year running.

    Well done to Adair and all the other Helsby runners.

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