Four villages half marathon 2011

Four villages half marathon 2011

The 2011 Helsby Half is full and there’s no waiting list. This is our 30th running of this fantastic event — we’d be delighted if you could help make it special. Do you have any stories big or small from the race? Something amusing from an early race? A special meaning for you? Perhaps you’ve run the event many times and have a story to tell with your times. Please email or leave a comment below. Thanks!

Update: cancellations have been filled and the window for transfers closed 17 Jan. We need the remaining time to get the data in shape to help ensure all our runners have an enjoyable experience on the day.


  1. Paul Frodsham wrote to add:
    As an ex member of the club the tales I can remember from the early races are endless! Many spring to mind such as…
    A cow entering the race from the local farm and running the last 3 miles!
    Pot hole filling on the marsh the day before the race due to heavy rain!
    Snow on the morning of the race!
    Andy Todds commentries!
    The Mike Frayne trophy for the first local.
    The unfortunate death of local DJ Bob Azurdia after the race.
    Quality fields and quality times etc!

    I have numerous scrap books with photos, newspaper cuttings and race reports from many of the early races.

  2. Jerry Williams adds:
    My first name is Keith but everyone knows me as my second name, Jerry. This will be my 25th Helsby. It is a wonderful Half Marathon and a good test in January, it has been a pleasure to run this really well organised event,
    for the last 16 years or so, under Birkenhead Athletic Club, of which I
    am a founder member. I am 58 and have run 34 Marathons over the years
    and (although I am not totally sure) about 130 Half Marathons.

    Kind Regards,

  3. Jessica Harvey

    I’m a runner from Shropshire and absolutely desperate to run the half marathon (especially as a club mate has challenged me to a race!). I know there is no waiting list, but if anyone hears of a place coming available I would be eternally grateful as I’ve heard what a fab race it is to do! many thanks

    Jess Harvey

    1. Kathleen hewitt

      I have a place in the four villages half marathon , I won’t be fit enough to run so I have a place if u would like this , I tried to get a refund as I had paid £25 but I was told I was passed this point but could get a refund if I can find some one to take my place , email me if u would like the place , thanks

  4. Marc Duffy

    Hi to all at Helsby RC, i am so looking forward to this race, I am in the Royal Navy and have a challange for 2011, i am running 9 Half Marathons and 3 Marathons (1 per month)

    Helsby is close to my birth town of Ellesmere Port, so to start my challange here is great.

    Training going ok, that taking into account the snow, i am aiming for a 1 Hour 50 min finish. Looking forward to seeing you all.

    Happy Christmas

    1. Rachel

      Dear Marc

      That sounds fantastic. I wondered if you could pop me an email regarding your challenge, it would make a fantastic story in the run up to the race.
      Or you can call the office on 01244 606413, and ask for Rachel.

      regards Rachel
      Reporter – Chester Chronicle

      1. Adair

        Hi Rachel

        Another story beckons I think. If you need contact details please let me know.

        “”I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. My name is Lee Riley from South Cheshire Harriers and I have been given your details by Lorna who is the press Officer there. I think you have been in contact with her regarding transfer of numbers for the Helsby race.

        I am attempting to break the world record for running a marathon with a 40lb backpack at the London Marathon in April. My training is going well at the moment and I am on target to achieve this. I have Roger Allsop helping me, he is an international runner, and he thinks that it will be very beneficial for me to run in the Helsby 1/2 marathon as part of my preparation.”


  5. Paul Young

    I too would love to run this race but didn’t discover it until it was to late. I would be most grateful if anyone for any reason can’t make the race and would be willing to transfer their entry.

    Obviously Jessica above me should come first!

    Thanks, Paul.

    1. Hi – I think you are sorted out now, but for anyone else wondering the same thing:
      1. Formal *cancellations* are now closed and information packs prepared.
      2. You can still *transfer* to someone else using
      3. You’ll need to sort out physically getting the number from one runner to another yourselves, together with any payment.
      4. Transfers will be possible until 16 Jan when we close the database for entries.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Louise Cooper writes:
    Just seen the Helsby web site and thought I would write in to you – think I may have a bit of an interesting tale of my Helsby experiences!! First ran the race age 19 back in 1995 and managed to get the junior record which still exists today I believe! Even when I lived away in the south for 10 years, working for Thames Valley Police, I still came back to race every year, and would always be welcome with open arms by Alec and Margaret Robertson. It was very sad to hear the news of Margaret passing away, and I know they put so much time and effort in to making it such an enjoyable event. I have run it every year since, except in 2010 when I was expecting my son, Alfie, who arrived in April 2010. I married Gareth Blizzard (also an athlete who has run Helsby many times) in 2009 and we live in Warrington. Gareth often used to run past me in the race, but also cheer me on…. I really never thought one day we would be married! I have now become a V35 and very excited about running the 2011 event – no way I can manage a sub 1.20 again, but very much looking forward to taking part with Gareth and Alfie cheering me on too :).

  7. Chris Renton

    Hi, i’m lucky enough to have a place in this popular half marathon.
    Will there be commemorative technical t-shirts for sale on the day or did i have to pre-order them?

  8. Charles


    Please, if their is anyone out there with another spare going I’d love to have it! This was my first ever race and I’d love to see how running it now compares to back then.


  9. liza watson

    I am writing to a number of running clubs scross the country about the london marathon,
    Do you have runners run in this event? if so do you have accommodation for them?
    We are a school centrally located in blackheath near the starting point and was looking into providing rooms and food for runners at a low price to fund our school projects, i dont know if this is of interest to you?

    if so please call or email me 07525422063

    kind regards Liza Watson parent of john ball school blackheath london

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