Helsby Fell Championship 2009

Helsby Fell Championship 2009

Mens Champion  –  Adair Broughton

Ladies Champion  –  Jane Ashbrook

Final Table – Fell Championship Table 2009

Last weekend the Mortimer Forest fell race saw the culmination of the Helsby 2009 Fell Race championship. What an excellent and varied set of races they have been. From short 5 mile runs such as Rainow to tough 9 mile category A races like Moel Y Gamelin they have certainly had variety. This has been matched by the weather from the cool damp Wednesday evening of the Ponderosa to the baking hot Tavern race just a couple of weeks later.  All of this made the competition for points much less predictable than they are on the roads. Some people faring better on the short steep courses others on the longer flatter ones.

However throughout the men’s series Adair Broughton was the man to beat, but no one did, as he gained maximum points in all the events he took part to take the men’s championship. Special mention should also go to Phil Gillard who competed in 11 out of the 12 races and took a well deserved second place in the championship.

The woman’s series was won by Jane Ashbrook who took maximum points in all but one of the races she took part in. The one exception to this being the first race in the series which saw the 20 points going Janet Robinson. Unfortunately since then Janet has been injured, hopefully she will recover in time to make a return in next season’s competition.

On the subject of next year it could be a very interesting championship with two of the clubs newest recruits Danny Chan and Jim O’Hara putting in excellent races at Mortimer Forest, the last race of this year’s series.

For my own part this has been my first full season on the Fells and I can safely say I enjoyed it very much and will be back for more next year. Highlights for me have been the great competition with other club members particularly Steve Riley and Jim O’Hara. The long grassy descents at the end of the Moel Gamelin and Tavern fell races which are pure joy after the miles of hard effort that precede them.

If you haven’t tried any of the fell races then why not have a go next year. If you can do the summer club runs over Helsby hill then you can certainly take on the fells.

Ian Landucci


  1. Hi John – we haven’t settled on the events for 2010 series yet. The new FRA calendar is about to pop through letterboxes, so there’ll be much browsing and planning the year’s campaign ahead!

    Best thing to do would be to drop in on a Wed at the club (6:30pm) and get to know a few people. Not many of us bite 🙂


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