Green green grass of home fell counter results 27th july 2011

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‘The Green Green Grass of Home’, sounds like a pleasant evening run over the gentle rolling fields of Wales stated new fell runner Jayne before having a go at this popular midweek Moel Famau escapade.

Full commendation also goes to new Helsby member Adrian who only popped to the club to see if there was a vest for him and ended up being driven to his first fell race. Some people do jump right in! And what a night he had too heading home with a bottle of wine.

And how about this comment from Ed recently on our blog ‘There’s nothing more spiritually fulfilling than tanking it downhill only to have to turn around and trudge back up to the path you should have been on’.

So it wasn’t all plain sailing, there’s not much give in the course, running uphill, undulating paths, little time to enjoy the views, lots of ferns, tussocky undergrowth…..and some good downhills! But the one thing that was not lacking on the night were the smiles. Check this one out, looks like someone isn’t working hard enough! Good spot by Phil

Alistair took some great photos on the night, Joe mentioned the hazy golden sunset over Snowdonia as he marshalled and supported just below the summit of Moel Famau. After finishing the race, heartbeat slowing down, the warm evening air cooling down, you can really soak up the atmosphere of this location.

As well as Alistairs site, Pete Douglas was out taking photos and video also which should appear here shortly

However, star of the show and the night and now dominating the welsh fell runners website is Andy Smith wearing the Number 50 proudly signifying that he is now 18 years old with 32 years of experience. Race organiser had also brought along with him a cake for Andy and organised a fell running sing-a-long outside the Golden Lion. Great summary by Martin the race organiser on that site here. Full results will appear in time also.

Stunning performances on the night by all Helsby runners, which bodes well for our possible Helsby v Tattenhall v Spectrum Fell Challenge next year if it comes off. Jane was 5th lady overall and Jackie and Janet were age category winners, superb. (But Jane always appears to pick alcohol as her prize?) …. then again I guess the skateboarding gnome had already been taken. Albert showed his perpetual talent, an engine more powerful than his motorbikes that can push him to win on any terrain.

But there was some sad news, Paul Porter didn’t win a spot prize! However, looks like his luck rubbed off on Colin who picks up a technical training top instead.

123 runners in total, 15 of them Helsby, it’s a good number of Green shirts out on the fells this year and great to see. Thanks also to Mario who ran the course with Jayne. Helsby positions and places as below:

14th Adair Broughton 44.51
18th Jim O’Hara 46.21
38th Jane Ashbrook 54.19
44th Paul Porter 54.56
49th Phil Gillard 55.23
50th Janet Robertson 55.31
60th Edward Halliwell 56.13
73rd Jayne Joy 57.39
79th Albert Berry 58.49
85th Andy Smith 59.42
87th Colin Scarisbrook 60.52
89th Rachel Arnold 61.09
93rd Adrian Jackson 61.43
99th Jackie Keasley 64.03
119th Robbie Webster 74.01

It’s the Gyrn Gallop on Saturday but the Wednesday following the Pie and Peas will see the Ponderosa, another popular event for Helsby hitting the fells, so details to follow on that one



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