Four Villages 2021. Sorry!

Four Villages 2021. Sorry!

After much careful consideration and review of the current guidance for road racing we have taken the difficult decision not to put on the 4VHM in January  2021. This is obviously hugely disappointing but we hope you will understand this decision in the current climate.

Under current COVID guidelines and requirements from Athletic governing bodies we are not able to put on the 4VHM in its usual format. The social distancing requirements and need for staggered starts make putting on a half marathon race for over 1500 runners from Helsby impossible.  

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Due to the lead time required to organise the race we have had to make a decision now based on current guidance and can’t speculate on how guidance may or may not change over the coming months.

We have explored the options of making changes to the race however there are a number of factors that still make it very difficult for us to deliver a safe and enjoyable event. These include safety of residents and volunteers, road closure requirements, available space at start and finish areas, available parking and fixed costs.

The 4VHM is very much a community event and the race relies on a wide range of community groups and the goodwill of local residents and businesses. We need to put the safety of our local community first and in the current situation we don’t feel we will be doing this if we try to put on the race.

In addition to the Covid situation, one of the extra variables we have this year is that our new clubhouse is due to be finished around the date of the event. This means we cannot guarantee we will have a fully functioning base from which to run the event. 

Helsby Running Club hasn’t taken this decision lightly and we understand that regular runners of the race will be disappointed. But please be assured we will be working really hard to make sure we are back in January 2022 with an even bigger and better event. The new Helsby Community Sports Club will be open and ready to host the race and we will be looking forward to welcoming runners back to Helsby for the 4VHM.

Many thanks,
4VHM Events Team

[Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash]

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