Fell Counter Results – Push-up-the-Pincyn

Fell Counter Results – Push-up-the-Pincyn

Please find attached to a good little report and the official results for the Push-up-the-Pincyn race at the following link
With swooping birds of prey, a picturesque sky, £2 entry for the car and £1 extra to race (what a bargain btw) and some rolling fields of Wales the four hardy Helsby souls enjoyed the very 1st Pincyn race. Runnable but technical, except the 40degree angle climb (no protractors please) near the summit, and what a pity none of us managed to record/photograph Andy Todd using his special technique to hurdle the biggest haybale in Wales.
Positions and times of Helsby runners below:
8th       Adair Broughton    47.02
32nd    Phil Gillard            59.20
41st    Andy Todd             66.10       
42nd   Stephen McCue      66.38
Congratulations also to Mario who finished 16th running for Cumberland and provided much needed ‘Powerade’ at the end and thanks to Joe for great support and helping to Marshall on the course. Special mention should also be made to Max Taylor who biked over 40 miles to welcome us home at the end of the race.
Please note the next fell counter is the classic Ponderosa race to be held on Wednesday 12th August at 7.00pm. This was my very first fell race, hmm how many years ago, and I guess i’ve never looked back……so if you’ve not yet tried a ‘fell race’ then this might be the ideal opportunity. If you’d like any more information then please contact, or see Joe, Andy or myself at the club
Some details at the link below, goto Entry Forms and look for the 4 Mile Hilly Off Road.
In the meantime, enjoy your running!


  1. Good work Adair and everyone else. Thanks for writing all these up. And good to see Mario dusting off the vest again.

    …Ponderosa is a good short-ish race folks, with the unusual pleasure of an uphill finish 🙂

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